Everything And Nothing…

Posted: March 30, 2008 in life
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Sometimes in life you reach a point wherein you can’t tell whether you are at your limit to succeed in life or you have only just begun to be successful. They say you measure success in 6 C’s, and some might argue success is where things start to get easier in your life. But lets not joke ourselves; Life is not always Fair,and if Life was easy[or if it gets easier] then the suicide rates in most major developed countries would not rise to mythic proportions now would it?

Not that I’m saying success is impossible to reach, and I’m not talking about success only in terms of wealth generated. Succeeding in a relationship is as important gaining more zero’s in your bank account(provided there is a number Other than ‘0’ in front of all that zero’s). But sometimes we forget ourselves in our pursuit of success; sometimes we use phrases like ‘Saving up for the future..’ or ‘Whatever wealth I can generate today, will promise me a better life tomorrow..’ and more of something along that line. Maybe not exactly those phrases but about the same, and we have used them and told them not only to ourselves(either for self-motivation or to comfort others) but also to those closest to us.

What I’m saying is, in pursuit of our own version of ‘happiness’ for ourselves and those around us we forget that there are other people that are so close to us, that knows us more than we do; are kept ‘side-lined’ for the remainder of our life. Yes, there are those that would claim ‘It’s all about balancing work and family/life equally..’ or one of the most common ‘ Work Hard, Play Hard’.. and I think to myself as I used to say these lines..at those times, I was really kidding myself.

One day, when all the cars and the shiny blings you have would be for naught If you’re all alone in your $2 Million mansion, waiting for another woman to finish her ‘touch-ups’, another chick you picked up the night before that you probably think she is named after a designer purse or a luxury womens’ undergarment. But of course this kind of thing every man would dream of, yet is it worth it? Worth thinking, no?

Most would definitely disagree with me, I mean let’s face it yeah? Having a Lamborghini and/or an Evolution-X parked in your garage is an awesome reality to wake up to.(Especially if you’re waking up next to a Carmen-Electra look-alike or a Japan Idol like Maria Ozawa.) Maybe I’m not filthy rich yet but I do know I’m pretty well off. Then why do I feel something is missing in my life? Or in the lives of those that are connected to mine? If it’s only ‘my’ life that I think is empty, I wouldn’t bother typing this right now..but…something is missing..and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Is having everything(or almost everything) means you must feel nothing in the end? And is feeling nothing in the end, means that all that you have done in life was ‘for’ nothing? I’d like to find the answer to this stupidity before I end up six feet underground. Or maybe before I check myself into a mental institute, whichever comes first…

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  2. […] 24, 2008 at 1:24 am (Uncategorized) It all started here. Its’ not so long ago I know but to me… its’ not about the seconds, minutes or […]

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