Now I remembered WHY I ‘stopped’ drinking…

Posted: April 7, 2008 in life

So that’s how lager tastes like. And somehow after a few more glasses another question popped in my head or to be more accurate, ‘forcefully’ popped ‘itself’ into my head ‘Ooh, that’s what an ‘intentional’ head ache feels like..’ Yes, I CAN’T drink. If I had asked for 2 or more ‘sets’ last night a certain popular if not too ‘deep-voiced’, non-oriental ninja would have to drag me to the front door of my house cause my feet would fail’ me.

That would be an unsightly picture indeed. Not to mention the unwanted attention it would garner from the place I went to drown out my brain cells at the bottom of a glass. Dammit the back of my head is still trying to create a whole new ‘ear lobe’ for me, digging deeper into my medulla oblangata.

Its’ funny how sexual drive and drinking limits are somewhat lower for men who are hitting 30. Actually its kinda funny and probably pretty freakin’ weird why I’m putting ‘sexual drive’ into this blog, its just that it was one of the many topics we had last night while drinking. And the drinking, well, it had purpose. Well I’m not saying people NEVER had a purpose to drink in the first place, I’m just saying last night it was; at least to me and a few friends of mine, a momentous occasion. A beginning of a New Era perhaps? Can’t say for sure, too many ‘this stays at this table‘ kinda stuff going on. So me, following the laws of the ‘unsaid, unwritten rule of men around the world’- I can’t really say.

The Sicilians for centuries have a word for it, but not in that ‘strict’ kind of manner, and the word is Omerta. There is an apostrophe somewhere there i can’t really remember. Ask an Italian where it should be then I’ll try to fix the spelling, unless I wasn’t clear on the first paragraph my head still hurts right now.

But please gentlemen(especially those hitting 30 and keep on going), all this is coming from a guy who can’t drink for ****. I KNOW for a fact that many a men of 30-45 that could consume more alcohol in less than 3 hours than they could actually drink water in one day(Not saying 46+ year old men can’t, I just don’t know any of them personally). I’m just that bad in when it comes to drinking. Never could quite get the hang of it actually. Not in my genes probably. And yes, that pounding head aches are still with me right now as I type this.

Somehow the cigarettes are helping, or maybe the fact that I know I don’t have to drink for another week or so is also helping. Even playing classical guitar music right now on my player to somewhat ‘ease’ the pain that I’m going through. Why might you ask this sad pathetic life form is still blogging with his head of his that could cave-in in a few seconds? Well,…because…I…CAN. And also because I’m not drunk or having a pre hang-over thingy right now, its just all the ‘bubbly’ trying to register into my body right now or my brain or wherever it should go. Like I care to even think or know right now. My head hurts okay!?

Nope, and nope; thats the answer. To what questions? To the question of ‘Can’t be that much of a headache now can it, did ya drink a lot?’. Well, if you were, nay, if you’re ME right now…you’d be feeling this. This BrainReeper unrelenting in ‘its’ pursuit of fresh braincells to mutilate and render useless for all eternity.(Or at least just for my lifetime) Can’t drink for ****. Maybe next time I should stick to sodas and ‘lolly-waters’ instead. Actually scrap that, gimme mineral water. Even tap water will do.

Oh yeah, if there are typo errors. Disregard them for this post please, read the title and I’m sure you’d probably sympathize with me. Thank you……

  1. D.Marcus says:

    It stays on that table, man. It stays.

    Long live World Domination.

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