How do you Kill a Memory. . ?

Posted: April 17, 2008 in life
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I know what I’ve talked about the past and the present. Of memories from the past which could help us in the days to come…but there are..some memories..that must not be left in our brains and best left somewhere outside of our ‘system’. Some memories, no matter how hard you try to forget; you just can’t. If you ‘digg’ up news from a few days ago, some people asked how much would you pay for a memory chip and implant it into your brain.

Well, if that particular chip has an ‘Delete’ or better yet ‘Shred-Data’ button, I would give up all my money, give up anything and everything, or close to everything (humans’ survival instinct kicking-in) just to have a microchip planted deep into my skull and anytime I wish, I could just press ‘Delete’. Seriously..I would..only..if I could. If I could ‘cure’ the ‘virus’ within my mind that slowly eats me up from inside out. I really would.

Face it. We ALL have at least one ( or a few in my case). Regardless of who you are or think you are. Being in denial won’t make things any easier but putting a positive mental attitude does. But sadly enough, there are, some of our past that we hope we could simply erase permanently. Because we have our limits and even if you shield yourself mentally, if that memory, that one painful moment in the past is still in your head; it will creep up on you at the most unexpected moments.

There is an old saying( or somewhat a saying) . ‘You learn from your mistakes’. What I want is once I have learned a valuable lesson from a particularly agonizing past; why not get rid of it? As long as you’ve understood and fully comprehend what has happened and how to deal with it better in the future, there shouldn’t be any more uses for keeping crap that I don’t need now is there?

Try asking someone close to you and I really mean close , ask him/her about an incident that happened in that person’s life that you know almost ruined or devastated him/her. And it doesn’t matter whether if it happened recently or if it was 3 or 5 years ago. Observe carefully as that person gives you an answer, from body language, facial expression, tone and volume of his/her voice. Trust me when I say this, what you observe or read from that person can be very, very misleading.

The person could be smiling, moping about or my favorite the puzzled face . Saying something like, “It’s all good, its in the past..water under the bridge.”, Yeah, water under the bridge..and when a ‘heavy rain‘ starts pouring down, water levels rise up and that bridge could collapse anytime ain’t it? Weird metaphor, yes I admit. But I’m sure you get my point, and that ‘heavy rain ‘ could be anything; like seeing other people around him experience something he couldn’t ever (or wouldn’t dare) to go through again, being reminded( oh I hate these kinda’ people) verbally about his past, or as what I asked you to do, someone asking him/her about IT. (Thats why it must be someone close, very close to you)

No matter how deep your ‘understanding’ of a person is, a lover, an old friend, BFF, brother/sister, wife/husband, a relative or life partner. It makes almost no difference. Because, even psychics can’t read the one thing, one enigmatic, mystifying and cryptic ‘essence’ for lack of a better word; which is the human soul.

So, to all brilliant minds out there. Make me a microchip that can Kill a Memory. . .

  1. elmo says:

    yea, how I wish the service provided in ‘Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind’ movie is available for reals! I’d like to go through that too. Damn it! sighh..regrets.

  2. Xander says:

    yeah, loved the idea. sadly though; even the good doctor had some problems with ‘recurring’ memories which keeps coming back..poor girl/nurse..sigh…

  3. massy says:

    Oh I want 1 too. Erase all the unnecessary junk in my brain. Get it out. I need it OUT~

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