Like, Likes and Liking. . .

Posted: April 30, 2008 in life
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How do you tell if you like someone. Actually how do you tell if you like someone when you ‘like’ someone. The romantically-term of like…or simply like? So like how would you tell if you like the person if simply for the looks or by that person’s…hmmm..personality? Funny thing about ‘liking’ someone usually it evolves into something else isn’t it?…’Something else’ similar maybe to an infatuation, fascination, passion or even obsession? Or maybe you just like the persons’ laughter..or his/her way of talking to people. Or maybe how that person expresses him/herself in a way different than others maybe? Wearing a clown suit to a Halloween would a bit off, so nothing too different okay.

Lets not go to the word ‘love’ least not yet..maybe later. So what criteria are used most in evaluating someone whether you like them or not. I mean for guys its almost-always looks…and something else not entirely focused on looks for the ladies…but hey, no woman would be dumb enough to brush off a cute guy sipping his drink at the bar right? But then again, if the cute guy also happens to be picking his nose thinking no one was looking…hmmm..respect the lady who would actually let him shake her hand after seeing that.

There is also the type of ‘liking’ someone after first time meeting another guy. Maybe its the way he ‘carries’ himself, the way he moves…or the way he talks..lets just hope the guy doesn’t have bad breath once he opens his mouth. Then again women aren’t dumb. Not as dumb as us guys…Ok, I get it…if you’re so smart boys, why is it usually only us guys that starts drooling over beautiful women that passes us by when we’re sitting as the bar? And women still knows how to keep cool and act nonchalant as cute guys walk right pass by them…hmmm? In other words ‘drooling’ ain’t really a sign of intelligence now is it? But then again; guys don’t have to be smart around women, just a different type of smart thats’ all. ;]

I’m not saying women never actually ‘drool’ over good looking guys; just that they know how to do it in a manner that don’t make them end up looking like a proboscis monkey(spelling might be off there). But women are unique in a sense that, they’re not all too picky (at least not ALL) about looks per se. More of what they look for to trigger the ‘like’ word in their heads has more to do with how guys ‘present’ themselves. The only ‘presenting’ factor most guys(again, not ALL) look for are the “Heavenly-Valleys’ or hints of a beautiful ‘Greek-Goddess’ passing by.

Ever wondered why most of the time you see beautiful women walking around with slightly ugly or just average-looking guys instead of the other way around? Ahh yes, the somewhat myth or an age old factor of ‘The idiot monkey is a rich-f$$%!’..sorry to say this but; not all the ‘idiot monkeys’ are actually rich, well-off or has a FAT trust-fund. Actually most of the ‘idiot-monkeys’ that I personally know can’t even afford to take his hot girlfriend to Pizza Hut. Lets say only 1/3 of them are actually…just well-off and not ‘personally’ rich. Just daddy’s spoiled brat. I’m just lucky I’m friends with spoiled brats that aren’t assholes to his friends.

The way a guy talks, how he talks; especially what ‘crap’ or ‘grooviness’ comes outta his mouth. Sometimes even how he reacts to how people around them talks are some of the factors that leads a woman to actually like another guy. Hey sure, if he’s rich it’ll help. Cute butt, sure…but then again, why oh why is this world not spinning the way MOST men think it should? I was in K.L. a couple of years ago, and saw these ‘God-I-wanna-bash-your-face-to-the-pavement-all-day’ looking men, sitting on their ‘kap-chai'[cheap-ass motorbikes] chilling-out near Bukit Bintang area and sitting or snuggling up to them are these women you know that should either end up on the cover of SEVENTEEN magazine or FHM…not really in VIVID or PENTHOUSE magazine or anything like that..I’d probably kill myself on the spot if the chicks were THAT hot.

Hmm…should I get a Vespa then? Or maybe ‘I’ should scrape my face on the pavement to look like them?…naah..I’m good as it is and so are all the average-looking men out there. I’m just wondering how it ‘computes’. Which in the end, it DOESN’T, which I am fine with actually. Cause not all things in this world should be taken into consideration through simple logic and/or reason. If your friends think you should only try courting/pairing up with someone ‘in-your-own-league'[I.e-as butt ugly as you maybe?], then that would only mean they are using their logic and reason; not yours. Which is good. Cause its their ‘logic and reason’.

Why did I say its ‘good’? Because usually we’re not actually thinking when you ‘think’ you like someone. At least not for women…or men that is old enough to know what’s good for his health…or wallet ;].

Because if liking someone actually ‘should’ be evaluated through simple logic and reason. . . . then tell me,.. how do you explain …LOVE ?? Because this is the result of what liking someone would be in the end, one way or another isn’t it? You ‘think’ love has logic in it? You ‘think’ love has reason in it? Do you even ‘think’ for a fraction of a “1/4000 second-shutter-speed” moment that you were even THINKING when you’re IN love with someone.

Maybe I’m just an old fashioned dude, but I prefer to kiss first before I f*** so yeah I prefer to ‘like’ someone before anything else happens. But whatever you do, think..or even feel when you like someone; know that its cool to like or be liked by people…its just that sometimes when you like someone or being liked by another person; it tends to take you to ‘murky waters’. And sometimes we get lost…and worse; sometimes we actually want to get lost. Its okay to get lost, if you know how to find your way or someone could guide you back to safety.

Liking someone is cool,…liked by another person is even better,…getting yourself LOST? me,you do not want to go there. . .

  1. massy says:

    Actually there’s difference in liking and admiring someone, sure gals/guys do admire the opposite gender’s looks, that’s the obvious actually, but liking or loving someone is something out of ur control. Which normally happens if you got to know them 🙂

    But every now and then, we do need to “cuci mata”. That reminds me when I went to the park the other day and couldn’t stop looking at this cute dood who has tattoos and piercing on his cheek. But at some point, u couldn’t help but to wonder if he’s even looking at u?

    A vespa is way cuter than a “kapcai” man.

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