Doors . . .

Posted: May 6, 2008 in life
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Opportunities…challenges…adversities…people…tragedy….so many words that could describe the bullshit we have to go through in life. I call em’ ‘doors’….for now.

Even though ‘new doors’ appears before you, you can’t help but look at ‘old doors’ that are already closed in the past. Its’ ‘closed’ because you chose to close it. You CHOSE to do so. New doors opening up before you? that you CAN’T choose. You CAN choose to look around for new doors…can try picking which one to open,…but wanting it to open by itself?….yeah..that part you definitely cannot choose.

Try as you may, you might even steer away from new opportunities, new people…new ‘prospects’…but when it comes to the matters of the ‘heart’…you really, really have no choice in it whatsoever. Oh yeah, you always have a choice who you wish to meet or what challenges you want to try next. When and where or how you want to plan it.

Now, what I’m trying to say is (since I myself ‘lost’ in my own…whatever) new opportunities opens up through out our lives and sometimes we are too busy to care to even check it out. I mean, new people…new things…new hurt and new pain…BUT…it could also blessing…new happiness…new bed…new ‘rubber’...sheesh I don’t know about you but what ever it is please ‘be careful'(be safe too). Be wary of new ‘things’ that presents itself to us in our lives. Even roses has its thorns right?

So you get my meaning…but also…be mindful and observant of those that ‘re-new’ the feelings of pain and sorrow within you. Even these people, could be….something else altogether, if you take the time to learn…to understand and mostly …when you take your time to…listen carefully to what they have to say…or what they wish to share with you.

As I said before, we tend to look back into the past. There are regrets and there are griefs. Happiness and sorrows. Why can’t we be simply…’vegetables’? Its easier I think. No feelings’, no mind, and definitely no fuckin’ worries on what to do about old or new opportunities opening up before us.

Think of it as a ‘blessing in fuckin’ disguise’…no matter how crazy that sounds.

One of the weirdest part about life( or doors)? Sometimes a ‘door’ suddenly disappears on you…yeah…they just went off and go ‘poof!!’…it could be an old door(due to old age…some shit you dont even remember anymore) or a new one that just appeared before you recently. Why something like this could happen? Well, I have a few guesses only. But one would be, we never paid attention to the small details that was right there in front of us. The signals that is so bright as the sun, with bells ringin’ so loud. We chose to be blind and deaf for a moment. . .

And yeah maybe somethings aren’t meant to be explored in your life . So let it be…but suddenly having a new door disappear on you? Especially a door that ‘opened’ by itself before you; that willingly shared everything with you, and you in turn did the same…hmmm…I’m still in puzzlement. This is the kind of door that you simply can’t let it pass you by. So what happened?..When did it happen?…Why did it happen? Actually, What the Fuck happened!!?…tee hee hee..

Still in a bit state of shock…I could only share with you my friends, what one of my idols in life said once…


Tupac Amaru Shakur

  1. massy says:

    First, “ouch~ I could feel that needle poking.

    Second, you made ur point, I have to agree, I owez find myself wanting to “open the new door” but too scared that it’ll become and “old door” that would be forgotten as time goes by. And yes, people, in general like to over analyze things, I dunno why they do it, but they juz do.

    Other points to include, everyone screwed in their own unique way, it’s all about making a choice to whether to open “doors”. Might as well say “screw it!” and “open the gawddamn door” but I wish I have the courage to.

    Lalala~ I’m affected =_=”

  2. jonathan says:

    i agree.. 😉

  3. Xander says:

    ..and sometimes when you have mustered the courage to open a new disappears on us..:)..but hey, as long as we are breathing new doors will come up eventually.

  4. massy says:

    *nods nods…@_@

  5. Acom says:

    The thing about doors is you never know what’s behind them. If only you could exit through it again and find the same “doors” you had before you decide to go into any one of them.

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