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Posted: May 12, 2008 in life
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Where do you get them? How?…Why is it to some it is important to be inspired to do something in their lives. For an artist, sketching life’s’ beauty. Even he needs something out of the ordinary to perform a piece of art worthy of his talents and time. Living life’s vicious cycle over and over again?…’Survival’ would be the ‘inspiration’ there. Actually scrap that; you don’t need one for ‘survival’. You just bloody do it.

So…are inspirations important to you? To me…they are a MUST. I can’t go on with my life without it. And in this case(or this post); what inspires me, truly inspires me to blog? Everyone and everything around me. Yeah, I ‘hear’ them now ‘through’ my computer screen..”WTF?!! Duuh!! Be more specific!”..Hmm…I could try but…just can’t actually. That’s what life’s all about to me. You just cannot have just one or two inspirations and stick with it like mad to till you breathed your last air. I know I can’t. Why?

Cause things’ change. People change. The world change. Heck, even male/female could change into vice-versa. Same goes for what inspires me. No, transvestites or whatever DO NOT inspire me to blog. Even the bullshit I went through in life doesn’t exactly inspire me to blog. It’s the ‘little things’ that happens around me, that reminds me of a past that actually inspires me truly. Things that happens around me. That has NOTHING to do with my past, my present or my immediate future.

A friend not being able to sleep at night; having ‘nightmares’ haunting him in his sleep; an ex-lover complaining about her new ‘extended’ family; a co-workers’ worry that he would live his whole life in complete celibacy. Somehow my past connects to their troubles or the things that happens around me; in a way reminds me of a place I’ve been to 3-5 years ago far from home. And something took place then that ‘sparked me to write. To share. To glee. To grief. Inspired me completely.

To me it is important to be inspired. Regardless of what tasks needs to be done. Even a hard-core W.O.W player would be inspired to take a shower, brush his teeth and dress up if Adrianna Lima happens to be knocking on his front door. Ok…maybe not…online gamers can be really, really hardcore so I wouldn’t know. Being inspired is more than just a ‘fuel’ to me. Its an extra heartbeat that I need. Its an essence in my mind that flickers the rest of my inner-soul to get up and start moving my fingers across my dumb ass keyboard.

Its something that you could even use when you’re not ‘feeling’ like it today. Yeah…those times; try to find something or someone to inspire you. You’d be surprised how exceptional your tasks as you complete them having been inspired by something/someone. Heck, even You could inspire You…narcissist as you are why not? Still counts as being inspired isn’t it? So go and get inspired.

Its a flicker, a gleam, a glint, a coruscation within ones’ self that is important. Humans need to be ‘pushed’ sometimes to do better, to aspire for greatness. To achieve the impossible. And make ones’ dream a complete reality altogether. And yeah …for now; at ‘this’ moment, I DO have a an inspiration that pushes me forward and am doing things I’ve never thought I possibly could months ago. There are also different inspirations used for different tasks too. But she is…hmm…life’s little divine mysteries…ahem.

So what is it then? To tell you the truth. . .what truly inspires me is more than just an inspiration. Its an obsession and my passion. Its not a person or a thing you can carry with you. Its everywhere whenever I look around me; it beats its silver heartbeat rhythmically as one with mine. Where the people in my life that matters most exists within. Where I could ‘hear’ every living soul within it; think and feel as I revolve around it. . .

Tis’ the place that I call home,

a place which I come from;

Tis’ a place called Borneo ,

Even at Nite tis’ not in stupor.

  1. massy says:

    Oh, I like this post, sempat lagi mempromote at the end *rofl..

    I’m so distracted rite now that I forgot wutever I wanted to say.

    I have to agree that inspiration could be from somewhere/someone, it could also juz be ur surrounding or ur environment. Even the smallest thing could get u inspired to express urself artistically. One can’t pin-point a specific thing that will inspire them but it certainly a great feeling to be inspired. But u won’t get it anytime too, so if u do, embrace urself and enjoy the moment XD

  2. Acom says:

    The thing about inspiration is that it eludes you when you want to find it most. But there’s beauty in that too. It comes when you least expect it, when you’ve already forgotten that you ever wanted it at all. I think for that very reason, inspiration.. well.. inspires us to do what we do, because the surprise somehow jolts us from our drab routines.

  3. Acom says:

    This is has nothing to do with the post, but I just wanted to tell you I linked you. I hope you don’t mind. 😀

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