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Posted: May 17, 2008 in life
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Its easy for people to fall…but why is it harder to ‘get up’ from that fall. So we could learn to pick ourselves up? So we might be better to handle another fall in the future?..hopefully.. To persevere and survive as we all must. But still the question remains,..why do we easily fall…especially falling for some one.

Worst than falling for someone…is getting lost in someone. Why do we lose ourselves so easily when we fall for someone? And have you ever wondered why is it so hard to fall ‘out’ of love too? This whole shit terribly sucks, I know. But what can we do…humans are made that way. Being lost in someone is far worse than falling in love with someone. Trust me, there is a BIG difference here.

Some shit in this world happens for a reason…but Love? There is no reason for it. It just fucking happens mate! And I’m not saying that in a ‘jolly-and-funny’ kind of way. Whats worse than it simply happening to you is that love mostly happens at the most unexpected time and usually at a point in your life where you are preoccupied with something more important. But lets’ not kid ourselves. When you’re ‘struck’ by that ‘deep-warm’ feeling inside, usually you can’t get him/her out of your head now can you?

With that said, its usually far worse when you are lost in someone. Lost within their very soul, very mind and heart. Completely understanding that person like no other have ever could. Within the chrysalis of his/her soul you became one with that person. And no matter how hard you try, you could not escape. No matter where you run or where you turn. Weird part is…deep inside yourself you want to be lost in their world, their dreams..their lives. You enjoy every moment of it. You bask in the atmosphere that they live in.

But what happens when that person suddenly…disappears from your life? Getting yourself lost in someone is stronger than love…or being in love with someone. Its both a dangerous path to take…and a wonderful adventure too. I call it an adventure because it is one. Getting lost within someone surpasses love…why?..because its an infatuation, a powerful obsession…a euphoric journey that you do not wish for it to end. And life as it seems, will end it for you….especially when you feel like you’re almost ‘there’.

So when that person suddenly vanish from your very existence? Suddenly decides maybe you’re too much too handle? Or simply because you or that person just doesn’t have time enough for it anymore? What happens to your ‘journey’? Your longing? Your dreams? Your imaginations? All I can say is this; if I was 15 years younger I’d be a complete idiot about it and blame God and people and go all EMO on the world. Luckily for me I grew up ‘with’ Kurt Cobain, Axl Rose, STP, Pantera and Metallica by my side so I’m not completely screwed up.

Simply tell yourselves, “Life is not only about one journey; its an accumulation of adventures as long as you draw breath in this world.”

And to ‘thee’,…twas’ a wonderful adventure and the most magnificent experience being lost within you. Maybe someday we’ll meet again. No one dared to do what you did. No one could achieve what you have. Maybe next time I’ll put up a warning sign, because you.. got lost within me . . .

  1. massy says:

    Waw, terasa diriku kena sindir. Wooh, oh wait, I can’t remember anything I juz read (lack of sleep, short term memory loss).

    Ogie, here goes, it’s easy for a person to “fall….in love”. It’s an overall interesting and exciting feeling. It’s also hard to let go coz u were so into that “someone” and taking that person off ur mind is not an easy task! Seriously! But getting “lost..in love” sux! Seriously, I mean u keep thinking and assuming about something where there’s no end to it. Like we’re trapped in some kinda loop hole where history repeats itself again and again, deja vu~ And you lost the sense of self control when u’re in this state.

    You keep wondering if the person u like/love feels the same way as u does, and being caught up in a situation where both parties are too bz to bother the feeling, it turned into doubt, well unless u’re really meant to be and the only thing dat keeps u going are ur “sparks”. I seriously dunno wut I’m talking about now.

    I should come back and read it again later. Lalala~

  2. Xander says:

    Yeah, need more sleep all of us…and no, I don’t wonder about the ‘person’s feelings cause I already know…most people would ;]…Tis’ not about ‘lost in wonderment/doubt’ of mutual feelings..Tis’ a kind of ‘lost’ where Both are completely ‘lost in each other’…tee hee hee

  3. massy says:

    Ahhh, juz as I thought, I was talking lotsa crap, must not read ppl’s blog when lack of sleep, everything come out different *whistle. Uh oh..communication, that’s how to solve this. *nods nods. I think XD

  4. elfiejane says:

    I hateeeee being in love. I’m a very emotional person so I’m always on the high or on the low.. and whatever my ‘other one’ does it affects me so much. Blah.

  5. Xander says:

    there are pros and cons to being in love….sadly yes, being in love can be really shitty at times ain’t it? …

  6. massy says:

    *nods to the above reply *nods again and again

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