A ‘Cycle’ to Break Out Of. . .

Posted: July 21, 2008 in life, ramblings
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Complacency. Stagnant. Uninspired. Procrastination. Not much else comes to mind. But I do know these ‘attributes’ leads to other ‘down-falls’ to the human society. I need not list those out. Its’ not like you’re NOT from planet earth if you’re reading this. Then again who knows, maybe I’m just getting the X-Files ‘vibes’ due to the fact that its next movie is coming out.

A lot of people I know are in this state. Shit, I know I’m one of them but thank God I hit my head on the pavement of a sidewalk one night last December; which included the hard excruciatingly painful sound of a ‘thump’ deep in my soul. And with it, a multitude of ego that was weighing me down and have been rooting me to the ground for so long has suddenly . . .mysteriously. . . disappeared.

It does ‘creep’ its ugly head at me sometimes, but then again I remembered the fucking agonizing ‘thump’ that I received and I beat the fucking hell out of that ‘head’ till it’s gone and crying back home to mama. Because I know if that ‘head’ crept up and stayed around too long, I might get ‘reacquainted’ with it and the whole bullshit ‘routine’ would sink into me again. Which was obviously un-fucking-‘ceptable!!

The ‘routine’ was shattered and all that is left was an empty husk of a creature among the billions in this world. Just another speck of life, yes; there is still life ‘beating’ inside that empty husk. That beaten and trodden-down shell of a man. And it walks and breathes like he never did. EVER!

It’s funny how sometimes humans need a little ‘push’ to drive them forward. Sometimes it takes a new love, a new friend or even a soul mate. Sometimes it takes a new Audi A4 to literally move you forward!(you know who you are you lucky bastard!) and then some just needs a little ‘guidance’. Though that guidance could be misinterpreted as a sign of ‘judgment’. In other words, one might feel ‘judged’ as being weak because someone or something is helping them to move forward in life. Well don’t!

Everyone is weak one way or another. I learned that you ‘need’ to show your weakness once in a blue moon just to let those very close to you know, that you are only…human. We all are. And in seeing that, they too might learn to be human themselves. Some people thinks that they are above the law, some thinks that fucking up a foreign country is for the betterment of their future and some would even go as far as ‘thinking’ that they don’t need to feel anything in this world in order to be human.

I learned it the hard way, painful way, the best way. The best lessons in life are the ones where you have your ego, self-centeredness and ignorant attitude towards life/people; crushed within minutes and seconds. And at that point you wonder to yourself, ‘Where or what the fuck was I doing all those years?’. Maybe not exactly those words but somewhat close to that.

I’m not telling you to get a life. I am asking though, are you that so much happy in your current state that you do not pursue your dreams or do not wish to alter your routines in life simply because you’re afraid that the very skies will start crumbling down upon you? Would you not see it through this life with a brand new cycle, not like the same 24/7 bullshit you have to put up with right now?

Get inspired! Seize the moment! Go commando if thats’ your thing! Unless you have the blood of an Immortal running through your veins, you know you only have one shot at life. Never stop moving and never tire to improve your standards, set the bars higher than before. Fuck the normal standards that people simply put up with just because they were ‘programmed’ to accept it since the day they were born. Fuck it!!

So whatever your cup of tea is, splash something else other than lemon.(I hear honey is good.) May it be that 4000 dollar DSLR, that MacBook Pro you’ve been wet-dreaming since it was first announced or that new condo/house which you and ONLY you own and live in which you could turn into a cluster-fuck party of chicks walking in and out of your bed(or bathroom, garage, kitchen table, etc) without a care in the world. Tired and hungry from all the extra curricular activities involved of course.

So whatever or however you do it, make sure you look up the words up at the first paragraph in the dictionary. And ‘reprogram’ yourself day in and day out to do the OPPOSITE! Nothing is constant in life except Time…and Death. Unless you are ‘related’ to Grim Reaper himself then you might have no worries at all.

I’m not saying my life is perfect. Shit! Far from it, but even farther than being rooted to the fucking ground and not doing anything about it! It’s a journey. And as all journeys it will take more than just time, It will take perseverance, persistence, enthusiasm and patience.

And if possible don’t do it alone. I’m not asking you to get married or confess your love to the ‘next-best-thing/table-scraps’ or anything like that. Family and friends does come to mind, why don’t start from there eh?

  1. massy says:

    I read this post more than 3 times. And I’m still trying to think for a proper reply. Anyways, with all the pollution and technologies in the world, people tend to forget the basics and become lazy to do things, even the simplest thing. Hire a maid XD

    Anyways, another part of this post, it sounded like a wake up call for someone. I mean it’s not referring to urself but to someone. XD I dunno. I got the feeling you got this frustration going on. But heck life goes on no matter how u look at it. How you live ur life, how u spend ur money and stuff it’s all up to u. Nobody has the right to tell u not to. I mean it’s not like u have to follow wutever they say rite? I mean people have their right to their own opinion but how u live ur life is up to u. We’re just trying to help out.

    Anyways, if u dun get my reply, I totally get it coz I have no idea wut I’m talking about rite now. My brain is in a total mess rite now hahahahah XD

    Have some tea~ makes u calm XD

  2. Xander says:

    Elfie> Thanks for droppin’ by Fie’.

    Mas> I’m gewd, need more hot coco though, I’m running out. Plus my eyes ‘hurt’..arrgh..too much RGB-layers right now lol!

  3. massy says:

    Xander..wut are you plotting ah? >.>

  4. Xander says:

    plotting nothing my dear, not in my ‘gentle’ nature to do so, hehe. Just too many pics yet so limited time and only one pair of eyes…my eyezz, Boo; my eyez….

  5. Acom says:

    Okay, I had one reply when I first read the post, but after reading the comments, it was shot all to hell. *laughs*

    I think people generally get to a point where they don’t think anything about moving forward anymore, a comfort zone I suppose. And most of the time, they stay there good old Grim invites them out to tea. And that’s okay, cause I guess most of us don’t know any better, don’t know that things COULD be better. Those who do realize it are usually the ones who’ve been bumped, as you have. You can’t blame others who have no reason at all to change. You’ve been given a new perspective, they haven’t.

    Of course it is hard to just sit back and see people around you not doing anything to get things going, but both sets of eyes see different things. There might be some things about their current state that you don’t see, the thing that keeps them… them.

    But, if they’re bitching about it, yeah, give them a good one right in the kisser. 😀

    Am I making sense? Thoughts after midnight rarely do. 0_0

  6. Acom says:

    See this is what I get for not checking if I typed everything right.

    That would be “And most of the time, they stay there UNTIL good old Grim…”

  7. Xander says:

    acom> No, no…you make a very good point. Every has their own ‘pace’ and sometimes that pace seems to stop…abruptly even. And yeah, its killin’ me to see ppl not moving but its in their own right to feel comfortable the way they are. I very much agree with you on that matter, its’ true what you said: some are very comfortable or even too comfy in their zones they don’t wish to be anywhere else;BUT, as you’ve said also, if they DO bitch about; maybe I give a good old ‘thrashing’ of their ear drums. Thanks for the input.:)

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