ANNOUNCEMENT: SomeThinG’z comiNG up!!

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yeah yeah, you read it right. Something is coming up. If no BS happens of course…so God-willing nothing would.

On AUGUST 1st & ExACTLY 10 P.M Malaysian time, I will be posting something very important!! (that would be roughly 11 A.M for East-Coast United States I think.)

Not sure if I could tell you guys/gals yet about it though…wouldn’t be a surprise if I did right? Just wanted to ‘make’ an announcement. Just remember the date and time. It’s not like I have more than 10 avid readers here anyways…hehehe..but my homies’ and close buds that have been following this blog; thanks to ya’ll. And Stay TUNED!

MOSTLY thanks to MATT for wordpress, you the MAN!! Blogging…geez…didn’t know it was a whole new ‘transition’ to me from being ‘A’ to being ‘Z’….not bad actually[don’t ask whats’ ‘A’ or ‘Z’, I’m still figuring it out]…blogging didn’t cramp my style at all…didn’t cramp my sex-life either…twas’ fun definitely(both the blogging and the…ya know) haha!!

No, no I’m NOT saying bloggers don’t get laid, its’ quite the opposite actually(to MOST at least). I sound so like a newbie don’t I?..thats’ cause I am!! haha! Not afraid to admit it. Though I DO have a problem with people mocking me though thats’ a different case entirely that I don’t even bother to blog about, people that does the ‘mocking’ are lucky enough to get laid by their cats/dogs; while I am quite satisfied…well…I don’t have any women-problems at all.

Now, now…I don’t kiss and tell so don’t be asking who,what,where and when I got laid. Wait, never mind. No one wants to know anyways.

Sabah Bloggers Meet meet is coming up!! And I just found out there..are…no…arrgh!!..the agony!! Never mind I’m not even going to say it. I just thought they would have ‘it’ but they don’t…hmmm. Maybe I should bring my ‘own’ then? We’ll see…hopefully.

Oh well, time to blog-hop and more editing awaits. Just stay tuned and….don’t drink and drive. Why did I even say that?

  1. massy says:

    SPIT IT OUT! Oh wait that reminds me of slipknot song…hmm ogie ignore dat part..but yeah! I have no patience to wait. well actually I do but I hate being the one to wait, coz it’s making me grumpy.

    uh uh! I know wut’s the “it” u’re talking about…i’ll buzz u about it and check if that’s the “it” u’re talking about..ogie i’m not making sense

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