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Posted: August 30, 2008 in life, ramblings

So many things happening for the week..wonder where to start…then again even so much did, how come I don’t feel any of it holds any importance enough to blog about? Hmm, then again to each is own ain’t it? Anwar winning was not a big deal…oil went down by a few hoo…hurricane Katrina’s anniversary… li’l kitten still got the flu…I still have the flu…hhmmm

Then again, should I ‘talk’ about my blog-hoppin’ experience? naah..that’s ALSO a very non-important and crappy subject in my opinion. I mean going hopping on a weekend here in Malaysia is just BS!..why?! cause’ its weekend…why is it BS?! cause its’ Streamyx; THAT’S why!!

Oh don’t get me started…besides being a lot of BULL(even when it rains, the ‘lines’ are disconnected) I’m kinda tired ‘flamin’ about it…why? Due to the fact that 99.99% of their customers are already bitchin’-cussin’-flamin’ and/or bloggin’ about it already? see my point…

Ahh…nothing’s perfect…no government is, no lover is…no country is…don’t make me ‘talk’ about sloth ibn sucksmyx….they are FAR from perfect…very,very,very,very…FAR from it!!

Maybe gonna catch some movies today…maybe just ‘borak’ all day with friends..maybe just eat and drink a LOT today to my hearts’ desire cause fasting month is SO close. A…a..woman asked me, “So like how am I gonna meet ya for ‘high-tea’ next week?”…and then my usual reply(not like I get that question a lot mind you) “Errr..I don’t usually meet you for high-tea anyway baby, and I don’t do high-teas on second dates either..”

And she hangs up…hahah!…sigh…blissful times and blissful moments, I love em’..especially when they call  back for a late-coffee at their place. Koff..koff…and yes…I DO so HATE hoppin’ on weekends…its like my ‘reader’ cryin’- OMFG, its like hopping with crutches on the mine-fields!!.

But then again softwares don’t ‘talk’. People do. Ok, ‘some’ softwares ‘talk’ the new AUDI cars…or Beamers…or other luxurious expensive cars. Hmm..makes you wonder to yourself , “Why am I still reading this blog is beyond me..” hahah!! Yeah, maybe you should go feed your dog or cat or mouse or kids or…car? Yeah they need the ‘love’ too…

All in all…I MUST say this…METALLICA RULES!! METALLICA’S BACK!! METALLICA ROCKS!! BOW TO YOUR NEW GODS!!….Go listen to The day that never comes. JUST DO IT!!…Mwahahaahha!!! Mwahahaha!! koff..koff..blerrghh..oh and for those that say ‘replace’ James Hetfield…WTF is wrong with you!!??

Ok ..buh bye..cheers..


A journey…that has no end?

Posted: August 21, 2008 in life, ramblings

The destination was Kundasang. Green plush valleys and cold breeze. Wondrous and majestic view of the ominous and enigmatic Mount Kinabalu. Funny thing is, I can never get to have any good ‘shut-eye’ whenever I’m up here. Not at the mountain, just the area surrounding it of course. Not sure if they’d allow an asthmatic to hike up the mountain.

Kept wondering though. All the way up to Kinabalu Park. This particular journey I know where I am going. But…the other journey that I am taking,…this life that I am leading. ‘Where’ am I going? The journey that I am taking within myself. Where would it lead me? How will ‘it’ end? Most of all…will there be anyone around me when it ends .

My mind and spirit was totally focused on the job. It was absolute and firm. All within my grasp and to a certain point all in my control.

But then again,..the ‘other’ journey within me? That one is barely within my comprehension still. The turmoil that I still have to endure and cannot find the solution to. I guess thats one of the reasons why I could never sleep up there. Whether its in the valleys, or Kinabalu Park or even any of the lodges which dots the whole stretch of roads up there.

Finding myself awake still at 3:40 AM and seeing the bright light from the window shining through. It was the full moon illuminating the valleys with its glimmer of light. One of the brightest I’ve seen so far, with a few stars ‘sprinkled’ around. Very few…maybe something inside is screaming out…then again probably its the ‘voices’ in the winds that gives me the ‘vibes’ that I so much hate, gotta blame my blood for passing on to me that ‘spiritual’ stuffs, at least I got ‘Rid’ of my ‘third-eye’…now thats a whole different story.

Stars,..just like some sections of the highland roads leading to my destination that I passed going up…its ‘uncertain’,..its deceiving…its perilous…

**Sitting all alone in my head, forever feels like home…the Stars will Shine for you,…

But you can’t expect a bit of hope,…for the Stars will Lie to you…

So how much is real? …Its always different from what it Seems, never sure whats’ True..

If nothing feels real anymore…what else left to believe..except hoping for the best at the next bend..

Surviving purely on instinct & wisdom to make it through the Mist..maybe..just maybe someone will take your hand…

Screw it! my life, love my women*, love my family and definitely effin’-love my work…I gots no spare time for a dying immaterial essence known as,… Those who’ve followed this blog long enough knows what I’m talkin’ about. Cheers peeps…oh and..for those going up there for the Mt Kinabalu Climbathon, please drive safely and avoid any ‘blue-wira-of-doom’…The ninja has more details on that, so go and ‘bug him’ about it.

* > note that I did NOT say womAn. Its not meant to be a singular, NoT meant to be OnE Individual.

** > Excerpts/lines taken from Stone Sour…cheers!!

Everyone…ok..almost everyone is talkin’ bout’ this and there ain’t much difference here. I find it,..well…very amusing and also awkward just a bit. Don’t get me wrong though…it was a blast!

Xander’z World would like to show you something a little different than what is seen or heard, ok …maybe not. So enjoy the rest.

I was ‘paralyzed’ for a long, long time. It was a ‘release’ for me to have been going through my transition. A transition that I’ve waited for so long but never did expect to actually be the ‘kicker’ for this change. And now…especially having just been through an awesome and memorable (and an embarrassing moment)night, its’ so obvious what and where the path I took in life will take me to.

Sadly some ‘stuff’ has the tendency to ‘root’ and paralyze me in place is still haunting me. Luckily for me though, I have people in my life that I can depend on so that this journey is a lot easier than it seems.

I know you’re not even reading right? You’re just waiting for the pictures from the Sabah Bloggers’ Gathering aren’t you…you bugger…LAWLZ!! Enough blabber from me of course….have fun!

Okay something is missing….nobody is ‘talking’…hmm.. maybe it lacks…style? Not sure…Lets’ try this again shall we? Trust me…it will crack you up…I know some already did, LOL!

All pics courtesy of After 6 Network…

[ I know this is a very outdated (so to speak) post; my PC rusak bah. Yeah, mau satu minggu jugak ‘bertekak’ dgn orang baru dapat siap, if not tahun depan baru siap.] Better late than never right? 😛 ]

So like if ya’ll find it fun head straight to the ‘clicky’.