The ANNOUNCEMENT!! yeah ok ok its a BiT early..

Posted: August 1, 2008 in life
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So like here’s the shiz-nizt!!…

I’m NOT ending this blog…YET…but do go HERE.

Want another one? howz about I go over the top like, ‘Welcome ladies and gentleman and children of all ages!! Come one and come ALL!! Witness the wonderful journeys, trials and tribulations, laughter and joys, pain and agonies, not to mention sleeping less than 6 hours a day just to bring to you the best what BORNEO could offer!!

WELCOME TO the twilight zzo…I MEAN come join our adventures at Borneo Trekkerz !

I’ll say it again…go to !

bah bah, have fun sana!! (means, ‘bah bah go have fun there’) and if you’re the patient type…in 15-20 past 11 you might get what’s coming up next…might..maybe..tee hee hee.

banyak kerja bah this! (a lot of work bah now, hahaha!!) so like I need sleep…not sleeping tonight though..oh man, need…sleep…bad…enough playing with the suspense or whatever.


  1. massy says:

    Ahah! Astaga..inda sukup ka tu work pile up? *rofl..Dun worry dood, u guys have my support! XD

  2. massy says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo I can’t comment..sengaja dun let ppl comment..punya kijam T_T

    I mean the new blog not here XP

  3. fie the elf says:

    r u gonna move your blog?

  4. massy says:

    elfie: i think that’s his other blog @_@

  5. Xander says:

    massy> sudah fix geng , have fun komen-momen ah..hehe

    fie>nope, i need this blog to..aah…lemme see…’Retain my Sanity in my World filled with INsanity’. I think you know what I mean. Plus this blog is like R-Rated and the new one is…well.PG-13? LOL!

    have fun in my new blog…and no, dont worry I’m not leaving this one, I..Just…Can’T.

  6. edgar says:

    OH! so thats what u guys were up to.

  7. Xander says:

    edgar > tee hee hee, yupz, that and lots more…twas’ fun for sure 🙂 thanks for droppin’ by dude.

  8. Shemah says:

    Yooohooo! Nice to meet you at SBG.. anyways, funny gila your stalker pic with Syura. LOL! Bah, byk gambar kita tu.. share2 lah! ;P

  9. Xander says:

    shemah> ok bah no probs! I’m the ‘gentle’ stalker face bah that, the ‘cute’ type…hahaha. cousin ‘Will Smith’ bah that..LOL!!

    Sia kasih ‘edit’ sikit muka sia so I dont look ‘too much’ like a stalker..hehe.

  10. massy says:

    ui xander angkat bakul…

    anyways wut happened here? @_@ takazut mataku when I masuk

  11. Xander says:

    juz makin the layout larger in the middle so i can fit in pics larger thn 500×500…for the SBG opst.

    upcoming borneonitez SBG post would come out first before here or borneo trekkerz though..LiB one will come up sooner!!

    stay tuned!

  12. Haizum says:

    I don’t understand how people can support more than 1 blog. But that MIGHT be because I’m a lazy ass. 😛

  13. Xander says:

    Me neither acom, I’m on ‘zombie-mode’ now…i guess that’s one way. hahaha!

  14. chegu carol says:

    hey you! hahaha…ok..i dunno why im laughing but i should have done that to you during SBG…yeah right lah kan, as if we ever talked that night.

    nasib i wasnt holding any camera…i would have drag you into my camwhoring mode as well. too bad, the hubby was the photog thata night so i’d have to satisfy with ‘menyampuk’ in other people’s camera. 😛

    nice meeting u!

  15. massy says:

    I’m a lazy arse too!

  16. Fara says:

    Xanderrrrrr!!! *kicks xander* First time commenting here. LOL! Anyhow, with more blogs in hand… my brain may be damaged sooner than I thought.

  17. Xander says:

    Chegu- yeah, sorry didnt tegur u tht night; i was also holding camera, byk org minta ambik pics haha. masih blur sikit mata sia this.

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