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Posted: August 30, 2008 in life, ramblings

So many things happening for the week..wonder where to start…then again even so much did, how come I don’t feel any of it holds any importance enough to blog about? Hmm, then again to each is own ain’t it? Anwar winning was not a big deal…oil went down by a few cents..boo hoo…hurricane Katrina’s anniversary…err..my li’l kitten still got the flu…I still have the flu…hhmmm

Then again, should I ‘talk’ about my blog-hoppin’ experience? naah..that’s ALSO a very non-important and crappy subject in my opinion. I mean going hopping on a weekend here in Malaysia is just BS!..why?! cause’ its weekend…why is it BS?! cause its’ Streamyx; THAT’S why!!

Oh don’t get me started…besides being a lot of BULL(even when it rains, the ‘lines’ are disconnected) I’m kinda tired ‘flamin’ about it…why? Due to the fact that 99.99% of their customers are already bitchin’-cussin’-flamin’ and/or bloggin’ about it already? Yeah..you see my point…

Ahh…nothing’s perfect…no government is, no lover is…no country is…don’t make me ‘talk’ about sloth ibn sucksmyx….they are FAR from perfect…very,very,very,very…FAR from it!!

Maybe gonna catch some movies today…maybe just ‘borak’ all day with friends..maybe just eat and drink a LOT today to my hearts’ desire cause fasting month is SO close. A…a..woman asked me, “So like how am I gonna meet ya for ‘high-tea’ next week?”…and then my usual reply(not like I get that question a lot mind you) “Errr..I don’t usually meet you for high-tea anyway baby, and I don’t do high-teas on second dates either..”

And she hangs up…hahah!…sigh…blissful times and blissful moments, I love em’..especially when they call  back for a late-coffee at their place. Koff..koff…and yes…I DO so HATE hoppin’ on weekends…its like my ‘reader’ cryin’- OMFG, its like hopping with crutches on the mine-fields!!.

But then again softwares don’t ‘talk’. People do. Ok, ‘some’ softwares ‘talk’..like the new AUDI cars…or Beamers…or other luxurious expensive cars. Hmm..makes you wonder to yourself , “Why am I still reading this blog is beyond me..” hahah!! Yeah, maybe you should go feed your dog or cat or mouse or kids or…car? Yeah they need the ‘love’ too…

All in all…I MUST say this…METALLICA RULES!! METALLICA’S BACK!! METALLICA ROCKS!! BOW TO YOUR NEW GODS!!….Go listen to The day that never comes. JUST DO IT!!…Mwahahaahha!!! Mwahahaha!! koff..koff..blerrghh..oh and for those that say ‘replace’ James Hetfield…WTF is wrong with you!!??

Ok ..buh bye..cheers..

  1. massy says:

    dood, I think this post of urs is juz complaining about the boring weekends…come lets go loli outing and go boardgames marathon at b’s XD

  2. kuai says:

    hahaha.. )*(@$%$%^ punya feeling oh…

    I prefer makan banyak and movie if I having such feeling..D~

    or, Photoshoping the whole day…

    Have a Good,Great,nice weekend!

  3. Acom says:

    Dude, I just had a pathetic birthday. Your weekend sounds pretty good. 😛

    And yes. Metallica does rule.

  4. julian sabah says:

    we need warhammer outting or D&D again… … … >_<“

  5. Shemah says:

    hahahah.. Man, you’re hilarious when you’re rambling.. not that you’re not hilarious when you aren’t.. but.. well, you know what$ i mean… or at least I hope so.. 😛

  6. Xander says:

    Mass> sorry girl, wrong guy for that thing. Maybe when I’m really, really bored I would :), i still have some ‘other’ interestingly ‘cute’ activities to keep me ‘company’…koff..

    kuai>waaah, photoshopping whole day? hebat, my mata jadi RGB sudah if i do that haha!

    julian sabah>hell yeah!! WH and D&D….best table-tops in the entire planet, hands down!!

    Shemah> eh? apa tu shemah? err…me not ramble…me thinks me understand bit-bit jak wht u say ..ahaahhaah..

    Acom> sorry to hear that..but at least…METALLICA ROCKS!! yeah baby!!….*bash head to the wardrobe….rawr!!…LOL

  7. Acom says:

    *laughs @ wardrobe head bashing*

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