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Yay Raya is here… technically its only around the corner so yea its ‘here’. Who is celebratin’ AND still have time to blog? Respect beb!! I mean, if you blog on the same day bang Azan kedengaran lah in the morning… so like, the month is of Ramadhan is almost at its end; and Syawal is comin’. Any plans?

I’m not asking for your new year’s resolution here but what I’m asking is where would you be this coming Raya? would you be at home preparing your ketupat or lemang or dodol or whatever for open house? Or would you be at your kampung there celebrating with all your cousins, aunts and uncles, grand parents, ‘alleged’ cousins, ‘alleged’ aunts and uncles?

I’m using the ‘alleged’ term because sometimes..well.. if you were in my shoes… you’d get a LOT of ‘alleged’ cousins and uncles/auntie that suddenly turn out to be a long lost family relative from another planet or something just cause’ they want a favor or two from ya.

But lets not go there… so like yeah back to my question. Where would you be this Raya Aidilfitri for this year? If you say you getting married over the next few weeks, I’m gonna find you and shoot you!! Hahaha…just kidding, but seriously I do envy those that gets married around the Raya time… for Muslims its kinda ‘cool’ ya know.. rarely Muslim couples would get married the month nearing (prior to fasting month)to Ramadhan though not unheard of of course… but..err..why would you?

Ahh..Raya…a time to visit people that you may or may not know…time for ‘duit raya’… time to remember those who have passed on by paying respects and baca Yasin… A mixture of both happiness, bliss and sorrow sometimes…depending from where you are as you celebrate Aidilfitri.

For me,…this year my family back in Tawau doing the largest gathering/open-house we’ve ever done… renting a whole dewan just to accomodate all relatives. So like (from what I heard from my aunt) everyone that is connected to the bloodline of Daeng Kerahu(I hope my ancestors don’t strike a parang at me if I spelled that wrongly) would come to this open house‘ . I asked one of my uncles when they had a meeting here at my house last night, ‘So you guys invited any ‘celebreties’? Like Mawi?’..and ZOMFG i love my family so much when in unison and loud voices they answer, ‘ Boleh blah lah!!’. LOL

No I’m not bashing Mawi… err.. ok just a bit.. so like yeah peeps…

Where art thou be this Aidilfitri,

Moment of blissful happiness and glee;

For all the children to come out and see,

How lovely our country can be.

All walks of life celebrating,

A month of joy and unity;

Filled with both laughter and tears,

Yet full of happiness and glee.

Time for forgiveness and remembrance,

Time to let go the years’ sorrow and pain;

A time to feast on the foods so multifarious,

A time of merriment, jovial and exuberant.

And to end this blog,… it’s NO..LOL though I DID laugh my ass off when you asked… I’m NOT getting married lah geng, faaaaaar from that… not even my time .. yet. Busy ‘benda’ lain jer bos, bukan busy urus benda like that, benda camtu I ask a wedding planner to do it… or I would bug George about it lol!!

Cheerz peeps!! (and yes, u can leave comments AFTER your RAYA celebrations…) Salam Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin… to ALL.