Syawal is here to stay…

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
Yes, most of them ARE family...hehehe!

Yes, most of them ARE family...hehehe!

Its nice to know that Raya lasts the whole month, then again not really sure if anyone opens house the wHOLE monthlah…that’d be weird. I learned a lot about my family this past few weeks, one thing for sure I learned that I have a pretty BIG family…thats only from my mothers’ side. Don’t need to count anyone from my dad’s side…I need to swim to the small islands to do that, and I’m not a very good swimmer…I’m better at ‘floating’ actually..

Kuih raya, lemang, ketupat, rendang…duit-raya…all the funky stuff also come out on this festive season. Had a cousin from OZ come down to Malaysia to follow us around celebrate Raya too, funny to have them around hehe…never seen ‘sapi’ and so many dogs ‘merayau-rayau’ on the side of our streets… we saw a lot along our journey from Tawau to KK.

Had to spend a night at kundasang Pine Resort before continuing back to KK. Food wasn’t so good that night and we paid a ‘hefty’ amount for it too. But the company was great and we arrived safely home which was important.

This where we had to stop cause almost time buka puasa

Yeah, it was a bus stop for the plantation, we used it as a 'picnic-hut'

A bus stop turned into a picnic-hut

He ain't fasting cause his name is Kevin..hehe..Khairul Kevin Lee LOL

Done with breaking-fast...time to move to Tawau..

She's just 'playing', kaya duit Raya already that!

Yeap, dried-fish or salted all buat sindri punya in Semporna..fresh!

My sis and I at Semporna..she hid my SDHC somewhere IDK

Yes my grand-uncle with s twin-ela-ela..IDK where he got it?

loading up tables for the big night

'Heads of the 5 Families'...hehehe...Mafia-Tawau kot?

Heads of the 5 Families...tee hee hee.

Yes, so, so many...people.I almost forgot to eat!!

Yeaaah, latest band from Tawau-The Advanced Brotherhood!

Yeah he's lovin' it! hahaha!!

Yeah he's loving it hehe..

And the cleaning-up..what a mess,tsk tsk tsk.

All in all it was the best Raya I have ever had so far… till next time…which might be…my last time, au’ revoire’, ciao’, adios for now.

Cheerz! and Selamat Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin to ALL….

  1. massy says:

    hahahhaah kembang idung XD *rofl. the shot of u and ur sis XD *rofl sorry sorry

    but seriously dood, if you gimme a month worth of raya fewd supply? I have to reject it, I need to work out on losing all these fats man @_@

  2. Ratu Syura says:

    That’s one helluva big family! Best bah raya gitu kan. So what’s up for the remaining Syawal? My raya is practically over already. No open houses or anything at all..

  3. Xander says:

    massy> dont reject rezeki’ orang katakan hehe…must eat…hehehe

    syura> heya girl sup’, maybe next Raya we could meet up in Tawau eh? bawak shemah skali, manalah tau my family buat lagik one more…tapi nie kali mesti datang ok hhehee…yes its one BIG happy family.. ;]

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