A little cough-syrup and a little of something else…BBQ TiMe

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Errr… feel a bit tired ah to write about it.. let the pics ‘speak’ for me about what transpired last night… ngee hee hee.. man I missed so much of the lambs owh, so cepat abis leeeh… u guys memang kuat makan… LAWLZ!!

And so ends the night… errr.. morning.. arrived at home around 5-ish? not sure…Thanks Dino for the BBQ, awesome host,  Jacq & WC for your errr..awesome cocktail. And all that I can remember list here lah(sorry if got typo ah…. I was on ‘Mars’ than to Venus than back to Earth all at once that night :P)

Those that attended, Maddok Rainer, Daniel, Beverly, Ling, Ki-Chan, Rosalyn(this might be typo,dunno, 540 izzit?), Chucky, Diasranford, Bernard, Bakaneko, Nick(falle-none, hehe), Julian, Fara, Raz, errr.. ok I’m not that good with names ah.. and my brain bit’ fuzzy…

And that wraps it up… so buh byez..till next time….

P.S: Stay tuned.. cos’.. its like.. 4 Days to Go.. and rileks ah Rainer… I just love ‘bubblin’ them dialogues on people… ngee hee hee.. memang doktor hebat ko malam tuh!

  1. massy says:

    uncle wut’s up with that jacket man?

  2. hehhe..funny la all the dialogs

  3. fie the elf says:

    looks like a hell lotta fun!

  4. Xander says:

    oooh yeah..it was fun… may I had ‘too’ much fun..err..or maybe some ‘other’ folks had a ‘li’l’ too much fun than I did, which equates to Xander having ‘more’ fun than usual…. can’t say for sure..still have some vodka in me… heheh 😀

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