And the countdown is almost at its’ end…

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

I do not want to but I have to… I simply do,

Not caring for what has or have or had been, neither of what people thinks too;

Should I wait a little longer for it to pass?

But that would be much of the opposite wouldn’t it lass?

To come and go when people aren’t looking,

To listen to peoples chatter and see if anyones’ peeking,

to this hearts content it’ll soon come for sure,

for this souls’ burdens are lifted for thy hath found thine own closure.

Halloween is here for those that likes it,

Another night for frights and parties and maybe a midget,

So maybe you fancy a Ju-On or a ‘Jason’,

Just remember the Joker is too common or even taken.

But I am not here to tell you what to wear,

Heck you can go wearing a ‘birthday-suit’ for all I care,

So many things I wish to share,

Alas I can’t, I shan’t and maybe I do not dare.

So I leave you with this riddle,

Just something for your mind to ‘fiddle’,

When XQ empties 6-shots of the 16th century,

You’ll find out that he’s bit’ different than what you’d normally see.

Hint: Likeness to two actors which were voted TWICE by FHM as . . . . . .

ok thats’ a crappy hint, but even the hint is a give-away so I know you’ll understand…ngee hee hee tee hee hee


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