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Its raining tonight, I wonder how long has it been since the last time I actually ‘enjoyed’ this weather. Nowadays the nostalgia that I used to get whenever it rained doesn’t feel the same anymore. Maybe because I’m running out of time, or simply because I just don’t have much to think or feel about concerning the past.

Somehow  things have changed a lot over the years; yet in some way nothing much did. I can’t explain that last sentence, I myself am ‘lost’ right now.

Ever had those moments? I mean, you know you have been through a lot of transitions in life for the past, say, 5 or so years. Yet you can’t help but feel like you have been static all this time; unmoving, unevolving, unaltered, not physically, or spiritually; nor mentally. Somehow you even feel, in such an enigmatic way that even ‘time’ doesn’t ‘move’ with you.

Purpose, that is an ‘anchor’ that we all could  use in this unending, bizarre & subconsciously manifested realm in which some of us are experiencing. Though, I know it will ‘pass’ as is should be for everyone else, maybe one day when my ‘time’ comes and  snatch me far away to  an immaterial plane of non-existence, while simultaneously clinging unto a galaxy in which the only known intelligent(just because we’re at the top of the food-chain) sentient being would be one that happens to be a carbon-based life form.

Looking outside my window, its’ still raining. But I’m not just looking at the rain~drops(not like I can identify each raindrops that falls mind you); nor am I smelling the wet-earth or the feel of the cold night breeze; it’s more like I’m being a part of it all.

“Yeah, someone is really losing his marbles. “ Don’t blame you for saying that, or thinking that way. I kinda’ think the same. But then again when some is losing his marbles, that person wouldn’t know he is losing his marbles in the first place, would he? Even if a shrink tells him so.


Let me see, how do I put it…it’s like…like being stuck in a ‘bubble of time and space’ while everyone and everything around you kept living, moving, changing within their own existences.

But then again, who knows; it is a long road …and it gets harder to see as you tread upon; so tread lightly whenever you can. Yes it’s true, when you tend to have so many of these questions; one tends to get lost in ones’ own world.

And as your journey gets hazy, you can’t help but feel disoriented from all that life throws at you.


And as day turns to night, the more precarious your journey will be… the path stretches and coils out to the ends too far for the eyes to see. I’m not looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. Cause right now I feel like I am that tunnel.

I could care less about that light, knowing where I am headed…

What I’m looking for is… peace within thy self…Not much to ask eh?

Cheerz you ‘blogo-heads’ & see you on the ‘other’ side…

Thievery in its’ truest form, we’ve seen them all in movies and what~not. Sometimes even happening in front of our eyes and sometimes, actually more often than not; we turn the other way~because that ‘theft’ that occurred a few seconds ago did not involve us directly cause nothing was stolen from you just that it happened to someone.

Yes, a weird subject to ‘re-boot’ a somewhat dead blog… but hear me out; no wait, actually hear him AND her out. You really should. Trust me, especially to all the professional and/or aspiring amateur photographers out there.

A li’l help from the Websters’ dictionary of what the word ‘theft’ means :~

“Theft, in law, is usually the broadest term for a crime against property. It is a general term that encompasses offences such as burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, and/or criminal conversion. Legally, theft is generally considered to be synonymous with larceny.

In the common law theft is usually defined as the unauthorised taking or use of someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the owner or the person with rightful possession of that property or its use.”

A…. more shorter version from would be ~

“–noun, plural thieves. a person who steals, esp. secretly or without open force; one guilty of theft or larceny.”

If you’ve went to their blogs, you’d understand why I write about this particular word or act. A columnarius for a subject is weird indeed; actually ‘re-booting’ this blog is an even weirder act in itself~but we’ll get to that another day; funny, I had 17 readers on monday…who would still be reading this blog..hmm.

Anyway..back to my subject..what I don’t understand is, why would you go out spending so so much money for your event to officiate your clone website but you can’t even afford to hire your own photographers?


So much so that you’d stoop down to stealing images from other sites’, even worse is that you DENIED any responsibility, knowledge, collaboration and/or intent of said act of theft. Compared to the original , its’ still a pretty terrible cropping.

Deny – from Websters’ Dictionary~ (the words in ‘blue‘ are my own ok, they would never put ThAT in their dictionaries..duuh.)


1. Declare untrue; contradict; ‘Hell NO, I wasn’t drunk or half asleep when I myself saw the image!’

2. Refuse to accept or believe; ‘If I stuck a 10,ooo volts cattle-prod up your arse, I’ll make you a believer!

3. Refuse to grant, as of a petition or request; ‘Oh, why not eh? Stolen so many from other people why should you start paying now right?’

Yes, yes… images are stolen from photographers for the benefit of such companies and/or corporations is quite rampant on the net…BUT in this particular case it is very, very, VeRy~PersonaL to Me. There are reasons why it is. Sometimes some people are so full of life and try living it with style; sadly they fail with epict proportions that in the end they are more like living life filled with shit.

I wouldn’t want to turn this ‘re-boot’ into a screwed-up dictionary~blog so that’s all for the definitions.

And as a last note.  To the traitors that jumped my ship and went to join the Enemy; know THIS ~

Karma; is NOT what you will get in return for screwing other people.

Karma; is what WILL happen to YOU when you decide…




PeoPle !!!

P.S : Next post up soon… might be interesting as well.. ngee hee haww harr!