Going off the Grid…

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

There’s no easy way out of this cycle we call life; as well as there are no easy way out of having to make choices in our lives either. Justifying our actions in life whether it’s right or wrong is just an excuse to ‘assure ourselves’ that the choices we made thus far was the best course of action at the time. Alas’ we are only human; and one day our conscience will catch up to us eventually.

And sometimes at one point in our lives, we are at a juncture, a crossroad…the limbo between deciding the right choice to make and the step where you are actually going to implement the decision you’re about to make. Not exactly here nor there…not exactly anywhere…call it procrastination if you want; I’ll just call it going off the grid…

It may take a few days, may take a week…I’m not sure. I know staying positive and livin’ without regrets is definitely better than being stuck in any limbo or a pseudo-eternal cycle of ‘what ifs’. But even one of you out there can’t deny that you have been in a situation like this.  My predicament is actually quite simple~according to some of my closest of friends; Or maybe I’m just off my game for awhile and not willing to admit that appearances can be deceiving when it comes to the game?

Technically I’m not going off the grid completely…if I were I wouldn’t be posting this up now would I? I know someone is tracking my interweb trails/foot prints as you’re reading this; and no that’s not a typo….I just like the sound of ‘interweb’. I’m not saying I’m famous enough for someone to track my foot prints on the web, I am saying that some people are lookin’ for me. The rest of the post is vague precisely because of this reason, heheh.

When you get ‘side tracked’ in life a lot, you tend to sink yourself in your own limbo or whatever you wish to call it. One things’ for sure, you can’t run from your problems…you have to face it head on regardless of the obstacles and/or consequences that may follow. Sometimes being off-grid can be very relaxing. Almost therapeutic I might say; like going to a spa or visiting the beauty center or having a new hair-cut; or go crazy and go sky-diving…ANYTHING..break away from your usual cycle in life, at least you can enjoy/relax/chill yourself down while figuring out what your next step should be.

There’s really no easy way around it actually; and I’ve been wrapping my head around my predicament last week by drinkin’ my self almost under the table DAILY; and I NEVER did that…not even back in college and believe me I drank… A LOT. So I guess I’m gonna break my cycle starting tomorrow~maybe I’ll take up darts,..or go back to bowling…maybe I’ll visit my island back in Semporna for a bit and do some ‘crab-catching’ with my bare hands, yes that means no gloves..trust me its’ fun. Just that the island is kinda big to circle the entirety of it in one night.

I think another term for going off the grid would be ‘taking a vacation’. Some would go so far as calling it ‘meet my therapist’ time; I certainly don’t have time nor money for that. How would you go off the grid? Say you’re stuck in a limbo, and you need some time on your own? When I say on your own, I mean…no familiar faces, places, no distractions…everything’s new~EVERYTHING is NEW to you. Would you take up yoga? Learn jiujitsu? Drive your car downhill at night without turning on the headlights?  Hey~I know some crazy-ass people out there…

So to complete the ambiguity of this post(that’s almost an oxymoron ain’t it)~

What would Going off the Grid would be for you?

  1. Massy says:

    Take a day off and sleep hahahaha okay maybe not. I’d go for a vacation. Heck, I want to move to another country where ppl dunno me just for the fun of it. But then again, it still goes back to how u face em fears ;D

  2. Cyril Dason says:

    I have to stay ‘off the grid’ on FB. Too dangerous to say anything sensitive nowadays, so I guess, I agree with your definition.

  3. Xander says:

    @Mas~ well sometimes the ‘fear’ doesn’t leave you alone, even in your sleep..heheh ;p

    @Cyril~That is so true bro; there’s always at least one person gets’ the ‘wrong idea’ about what we put on our status’ or notes nowadays….sometimes these people just lack the mental aptitude to have an open-mind.(pun intended..heheh.) & Thanks for droppin’ by!

  4. Massy says:

    That’s becoz u let it lingers within u

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