A Juncture in Our Lives II

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Portraitures
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Another juncture is reached in my life…hence the ‘Part II’ of this article in the past. Sometimes you get a bit nervous when you’ve just made a big decision in your life; wondering about the predicaments and/or rewards that you may well accrue in the future.

One thing’s for sure when you delve into an almost ‘alien’ world…you have to start from ‘Square-One’. Luckily for me that square made easy due to close friends and awesome ‘sensei’s’ so I think I’m good for the time being.  These are just ‘some’ of my attempts at this new world that I just dived into. Balls-to-the-Walls is what I’m doin’. Thanks to my sensei’s wisdom and to them models that help make my shoots look ‘not-so-noob’.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything I know; I’m just squeezing this in for a li’l update on what have been occupying my time lately. Just check them’ tags, you’ll know what I used for these shots.

Cheerz and thanks for dropping by!~!

  1. Massy says:

    So you got into photography? Oye, mana gambar that day masa bloggers gathering? XD

  2. Xander says:

    kot yerr pun komen2 la ckit2 abt my pix..ini mintak gambar lama plak..hahah..bah nanti sya carik dalam external HD sya yg sudah rosak tuh..oh wait…rosak?..alalalaaaa…LOL!!!

  3. Ennie says:

    wow! the girl in the pics is gojes!

  4. Ennie says:

    I mean, those gals in the pics.. 🙂

  5. Xander says:

    Ennie- hi there…lama xdak nampak…hehe, yea they’re gojes’… ok bah that, if u gimme a chance I’d take a shot at u too memang gojes2 jugak jadinya tu 🙂

    ‘shot’ I mean amek gambar ya…bukan tembak2 yg indak2, bahya tu…sya teda duit mo bayar sogit..heheh

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