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Raison d’être…

Posted: May 27, 2011 in life, politics

I had something written down about this ‘phrase’…somewhere…I found it, meant to make a blog entry for it…then again, I didn’t start blogging because I ‘scripted’ everything I wanna blog about so that it may sound PG13 for the sake of audiences’ sanity or number of visitors~ and this was back in November 2010. So I threw that piece of paper and decided to do a ‘re-write’ of it all.

I’m at ‘foreign-lands’ right now and it feels weird blogging,networking,surfing or even shampoo-ing my hair in foreign lands. So forgive me for the grammatical errors which will ensue as well as the typos. I’m typing on weird-ass keyboard here and on top of that I can’t put anything to mind without my favorite cigarette stuck between my lips. So without further delay read-on my 2 or maybe 3 readers cause ‘Xander has Spoken’..yet again.

Raison d’être… a reason of being. Yes, that’s French for you. They can come up with this but couldn’t handle the Germans in WWII. No I don’t hate the French, but don’t get me started on the Germans…but damn they do make wicked automobiles don’t they? and yes..the Panther and Tiger tanks are awesome. I could care less about ‘2 girls 1 cup’ so don’t ask.

Complacent with what we have and what we know we ‘ll continue having or enjoy in this life of ours; we rarely ask ourselves..what is my reason of being? For me, it’s not only a statement that you start your sentence with and write on the dotted lines on an examination paper or an SAT/SPM or what-evz’ kinda exams they have these days.

It’s more of an assertion to ponder about…i.e-why do we live our lives? Yes, to survive another day, to copulate and breed, to continue the bloodline, to kiss up to your boss day-in and out, to fornicate till Rapture arrive maybe I don’t know. For each of us there is an answer to said question and it differs greatly from one person to another.

Things were easy back in the 70’s… get high and get hooked or get hitched or anything that involves weed/brownies/bong/unprotected sex or whatever your poison. I was born in the late 70’s so I never had the ‘privilege’ to enjoy all that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling everyone an idiot for not questioning this important question or even ‘questioning’ the ‘so-called importance’ of this ‘so-called’ question; if it even IS a question to begin with.

But…subconsciously…you have to admit, you would ask yourself.. at one point in your life…is there a reason for me living in this world?~is this what I want so far in my life?~ …am I already ‘there’? you even know ‘what’ you’re trying to achieve and if you did; what is there left to do now?  I’m not asking if you’ve made the right or wrong choices in your life, there’s an old saying~The hardest part is not deciding what choices we have to make in life; the hardest part is living with the consequences of those choices that we have made.

I guess my reason for living is about as same as any of you, grow old..make babies…live long and prosper-and in my case do all that while watching the models’, dancers’, beauty queens and singers/actors through the lens of my camera. Hypothetically -even while I race my G6 using my newly-grown wings on my back and bitch-slap the ‘Impaler’ with my new-grown ‘foot-long’ while yoddle-ing to the snow-covered mountains of Sweden I’d still ponder about it.

The least my friend coulda’ done was to get a new keyboard, I could use her Mac but she probably bite my head off. And its’ freezing up here, plus the heater is making some creepy noises.

So~ what is YOUR Raison d’être…? maybe I need to breathe new air, a new bed, a new car…a new tickle-buddy, heck anything to ‘jump-start’ my cognizance into a completely au courant cycle of creativity or consciousness.

I feel like I’m walking along an endless hallway in a familiar building at a slanted angle and all I see is this…

Here in foreign lands on a suck-ass keyboard I type,

The words formed in my mind while smoking this pipe,

I never knew smoking this thing is so vexing,

Cause if I did I’d rather be fucking.

In the month of May my past haunts me,

That’s why I’m not at home for I need to query,

Why must my past spoil my month of revelry,

I could not fathom some peoples’ complexity,

We were all children once & wondrous times they were,

Were it naught for the world we’d still be innocent & pure,

Alas we humans have some purpose in life,

The basics would be getting a husband or a wife,

Or living a life full of joviality and soiree,

But is that really your Raison d’être?