The Awakenings of ones’ Mind, Heart, Body & Soul…

An “Awakening”… some one, somewhere, somehow.. somewhat goes through this awakening at one point or another in their life. If you’re the type that believes all of us used to be different in another lifetime then you’d have a deeper sense of understanding what I mean.

A transcendance if you will. Why would it come in four different foundations? Just ponder on that for a minute..or two..or an hour or so. I’m trying to keep ‘this section’ small so readers wouldn’t have to scroll down so much so I’ll try to make this simple..though for those of you who knows me, that’s kinda hard for me.

Our hearts are where we feel both compassion, hatred, anger, misery, passion, sadness, affection, sympathy… we feel these paradigms because we simply do; tis’ not taught to us.. they were explained to us by our guardians/parents, friends etc.

Our minds have always been open to us to explore. And because of this, we became thinkers, idealists, realists, fanatics, dreamers… but it can only go so far, without any incentive to drive us forward; all ideas we have are nothing if not put into motion.

What we feel when we’ve lost a loved one in a tragic accident or when we see madmen murdering innocent people in the name of blind faith. What our minds had to endure in todays world financial downturn. As our our minds and hearts struggled together or against one another when we simply ignored our health. Kicking in insomnia, migraines and so forth.

Our bodies, one way or another… reflects who we are, how we treat ourselves on a daily basis. Outwardly, we promote to the world who we want people to see; but not who we truly are.

If our bodies are the culmination of our minds and hearts…then our souls, our souls are the product, zenith, an apex, the crest and the pinnacle of ALL that I have mentioned above. We feed it everyday without even knowing it and/or simply ignorant of it.

An awakening, of these foundationsthese are what I am about, a consummation of my awakenings. Reaching an equinox of ones’ true self in its entirety.

  1. arteo says:

    man, i’m totally impressed with your blog… to tell you the truth, it’s now 1:40am and I’ve not read much of your entries, but i’ve browsed through the titles and topics you entered and I’m so coming back dude…

    there’s no such thing as thingking too much

    just as there’s no such thing as breathing too much
    breathing too fast could be a problem, but who’d ever complain of fast thinking?

    there you go, man, brood some more, I’ll be back…


  2. elmo says:

    me too 🙂

  3. Xander says:

    cool, makes a lot of sense there arteo. men and women are so different isn’t it? ;] thanx dude.

  4. Chocoholic says:

    hi.. thanks for dropping by my blog. yours seem nice. I will definitely check the posts out, it’s impressive and the posts look deep.

  5. papajoneh says:

    Have I met you? I like the way you write and I am sure you’re a good person. Thanks for dropping by at my boring blog and thanks for linking me. 🙂
    CYa around.

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