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Fate and Destiny. . .

Posted: April 19, 2008 in life
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Prices that we paid for living in this world and still paying right now, prices that we must pay since the first time the lights sting your sensitive infant eyes. We pay it regardless whether we wanted to or not. It was never a choice, never an option; twas’ shoved to us by the mystical entity or immaterial sense of understanding which we call life.

We could hope, wish, pray or even curse God or anyone and anything for this price that we must pay. And its make much difference if you are an Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or with any other religion or beliefs. NO, it doesn’t.

Some people strongly believes that there are NO such things as Fate or even Destiny. I’m not one to lecture anyone on what to believe in this world. If you even feel just a hint/element(s) of sermons and/or preaching in this blog; Then you might think Xander have been a religiously-devout prick all this time. Well, thank you for being such an uptight, ignorant, bigot, fanatic, naïve, hypocritical, conservative and last but not least ; you’re probably a ****ing terrorist! Cause mostly terrorists believe that they can change fate and destiny or even misdirect people from the deeper understanding of Fate and Destiny.

One of the most often spoken statements from either non-believers or those that has lost their faith in a ‘higher power’ than him/herself would be, “I create my own fate and I mold my own destiny.” Now, I can’t really explain to YOU on what level of the believer/atheist axis I am on; simply because even I find it hard to determine MY own level of belief or disbelief. But what I can tell you is this, a friend actually said this statement to me. And I find it almost true, up to a logical or spiritual point of view.

Why do I say this? Well just read the statement again. Now if there are no such things as Fate or Destiny…why does he keep using these words in his statement? What? Was he trying to say that what he meant was fate and/or destiny that he can actually control?

Some people and even my own friend actually added more to this, “I don’t need God, no such thing as fate or destiny. I control my own life..”. Now what? This time what he meant in this statement is that the Fate and Destiny that he can’t control? Because adding the word ‘God’ in his statement changes the context of these words?

No need to argue with someone that cannot even see that he is making a statement that he himself is already proving right and true. The root of the sentence people, are the words fate and destiny. If you believe that they don’t exist, why would you even try to prove to other people that they simply don’t by using a sentence that actually proves that they DO exist?

This is what he should’ve said instead and what he should imprint in his brain: What you can create isn’t Fate, you create choices…it doesn’t matter what kinds you create but it is within your power to do so. Fate is more of what happens within the choices that we make. Along the way when choosing your path in this life there ARE somethings out of your control, natural disasters, political-tsunami, plane/car crash, an epidemic outbreak, etc.

Now, what you can mold isn’t Destiny, you mold the conclusion or result(s) of which are garnered from whether you made the right or wrong choices in life and still successfully overcome the trials and tribulations that you had to face within the path that you have already taken.

Destiny on the other hand from MY point of view is much longer to explain, I’ll try to use ‘small’ words for those who are in denial or simply too ignorant to opening up their minds. Destiny is; the end result of the consequences when you fail in overcoming the challenges that you’ve faced AND/OR you actually gained an unexpected outcome when you’ve arrived to where you are now. Yes , both sometimes can happen.

You did not create Fate, I would like to see you blow apart mountains , divide the ocean or turn water into wine. Actually I’d rather see you blow up the ocean, divide the mountain ranges for new mega-highways and piss wine. This also means that you didn’t mold destiny simply because your predicted results are achieved in the end. That’s why its called predictions.You didn’t mold unexpected outcomes in the end either. That’s why it is called unexpected. And simply telling yourself you got luckier than most people only proves to me you’re in refutation of the truth of your idiocy and/or lack of mental propensity..yes both sometimes co-exist.

There are too many examples in life where I can put my point across so it can be crystal-clear. As you’ve lived your life as long as I have, I’m sure you can relate to this and know there are so many things happening around us in this world so you’d actually understand what you’ve read so far.

Don’t bother yourself with dictionaries, go watch porn or beat your hamster senselessly to your heart’ desire instead. Don’t even ask me to apologise for anything you might find offensive or simply anything that is disturbing to your minute sense of understanding. I’m not a ‘fake-approval-seeking-wussy-man’, if I was; Would I be challenging your very Authoritarian-Ideals and Religious-Acceptance of how one should lead his or her life?

DON’T confuse yourself with the meanings of Fate or Destiny…I have told you to the best of my acrimonious consciousness from within my ‘shattered-yet-awakened’ mind; and have dug deep into the bottomless abyss of the chrysalis of my ‘fragile-yet-burning’ soul. . .

Just go and kiss your daughter good night, tell your lover you miss him/her, go make a sandwich, floss your teeth but most of all; try to believe in something. Have faith.

As I said before, I am NOT preaching so when I said ‘..have faith’, it means: Have Faith in Thyself. . .