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Where do you get them? How?…Why is it to some it is important to be inspired to do something in their lives. For an artist, sketching life’s’ beauty. Even he needs something out of the ordinary to perform a piece of art worthy of his talents and time. Living life’s vicious cycle over and over again?…’Survival’ would be the ‘inspiration’ there. Actually scrap that; you don’t need one for ‘survival’. You just bloody do it.

So…are inspirations important to you? To me…they are a MUST. I can’t go on with my life without it. And in this case(or this post); what inspires me, truly inspires me to blog? Everyone and everything around me. Yeah, I ‘hear’ them now ‘through’ my computer screen..”WTF?!! Duuh!! Be more specific!”..Hmm…I could try but…just can’t actually. That’s what life’s all about to me. You just cannot have just one or two inspirations and stick with it like mad to till you breathed your last air. I know I can’t. Why?

Cause things’ change. People change. The world change. Heck, even male/female could change into vice-versa. Same goes for what inspires me. No, transvestites or whatever DO NOT inspire me to blog. Even the bullshit I went through in life doesn’t exactly inspire me to blog. It’s the ‘little things’ that happens around me, that reminds me of a past that actually inspires me truly. Things that happens around me. That has NOTHING to do with my past, my present or my immediate future.

A friend not being able to sleep at night; having ‘nightmares’ haunting him in his sleep; an ex-lover complaining about her new ‘extended’ family; a co-workers’ worry that he would live his whole life in complete celibacy. Somehow my past connects to their troubles or the things that happens around me; in a way reminds me of a place I’ve been to 3-5 years ago far from home. And something took place then that ‘sparked me to write. To share. To glee. To grief. Inspired me completely.

To me it is important to be inspired. Regardless of what tasks needs to be done. Even a hard-core W.O.W player would be inspired to take a shower, brush his teeth and dress up if Adrianna Lima happens to be knocking on his front door. Ok…maybe not…online gamers can be really, really hardcore so I wouldn’t know. Being inspired is more than just a ‘fuel’ to me. Its an extra heartbeat that I need. Its an essence in my mind that flickers the rest of my inner-soul to get up and start moving my fingers across my dumb ass keyboard.

Its something that you could even use when you’re not ‘feeling’ like it today. Yeah…those times; try to find something or someone to inspire you. You’d be surprised how exceptional your tasks as you complete them having been inspired by something/someone. Heck, even You could inspire You…narcissist as you are why not? Still counts as being inspired isn’t it? So go and get inspired.

Its a flicker, a gleam, a glint, a coruscation within ones’ self that is important. Humans need to be ‘pushed’ sometimes to do better, to aspire for greatness. To achieve the impossible. And make ones’ dream a complete reality altogether. And yeah …for now; at ‘this’ moment, I DO have a an inspiration that pushes me forward and am doing things I’ve never thought I possibly could months ago. There are also different inspirations used for different tasks too. But she is…hmm…life’s little divine mysteries…ahem.

So what is it then? To tell you the truth. . .what truly inspires me is more than just an inspiration. Its an obsession and my passion. Its not a person or a thing you can carry with you. Its everywhere whenever I look around me; it beats its silver heartbeat rhythmically as one with mine. Where the people in my life that matters most exists within. Where I could ‘hear’ every living soul within it; think and feel as I revolve around it. . .

Tis’ the place that I call home,

a place which I come from;

Tis’ a place called Borneo ,

Even at Nite tis’ not in stupor.

Bad habits die hard don’t they. They just won’t go away even when you know its good for you if they did. Take me for instance, been smoking since I was 17. That’s 13 years of lung rotted away, decayed and gone never to be used (or whatever left of it anyway). Drinking. Now that’s one bad habit that most people have these days. I mean hey, you need to kill off a few ‘unwanted’ brain-cells once and awhile right?

Maybe its just how we have been ‘programmed’ by the media? I mean just look at the ads that we see today, everyday. From the cigarettes posters to the booze ads, no matter where we go we see them. And they’re pretty ‘convincing’ regardless of your background, race, culture or religion. I mean drinking nowadays is like a necessity for men and women. Why is that? Can’t be hip enough if you don’t I guess.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink or should only drink when you must, I just blogged about it a few posts back. I’m not a hypocrite either, and you will NOT hear me lecture about Heaven or Hell or how you put shame to your family’s honor if you drink, or smoke, pop E’s,’chasing-the-dragon’ or whatever. I’m not your dad and I’m sure as hell not a cop [or a Saint for that matter, but who is,eh?]. So its all good with me. Cause one bad habit I will NOT take from people would be bad manners.

You might think it is NOT a bad habit, but trust me; it actually is. Bad manners and drinking makes things even worse. Funny thing is, bad manners are easier to curb and control(and I love the cure for it, especially if I am giving it to people) but when it comes to drinking, smoking or the more illegal and somewhat detrimental-to-your-health kind of bad habits; it is VERY hard to quit. And I respect those that did quit!

Usually when we drink, its for an occasion that we would like to be a part of or celebrate. New years eve, birthdays, going-away parties, welcome-back parties, a new job/post, a new boss, bachelor parties, to the beginning of a ‘World-Domination’. For me, its either to entertain clients, New years eve, birthdays and hmmm, that’s it I guess.The list goes on as you can tell. But these days, I hear you don’t need any of those reasons to drink. You just go out, and you just..drink!

Humans are very fickle, its in our nature. Its in every man or woman. Just last night I found out that some people drink simply because whenever the feel like it. I happen to know some of the dumbest reasons I know people would use just to go out drinking, “I just got laid last night, Let’s Party!” [Okay, I’m guilty for this one, I was 17 okay!], or something like, “Just got into an argument with my girl, I need some liquor in my system!”. The worst I EVER heard was something more bizarre (and I actually talked to the sad-wuss-of-a-man) : “Stupid slut! She still keeps kinky pictures of her Ex in her cellphone, fuck this! Let’s drink!.”

Life is so full of SHIT. Doesn’t mean adding more shit into your body would make it any less Shitty!

As if I could care less about what that guy was talking about. It’s pretty hard to compete or replace someone in a womans’ life especially if she was with a guy who happened to be hung like a horse!! At least that’s what my girlfriends told me. Friends, okay, not as in girlfriend(s). So back to my point, people do and will come up with just about any incongruous reason(s) just to drink.

So why do YOU go out drinking? Would you need a reason or you must find a concrete occasion to go out drinking? Or are you one of the eccentric ones’ that find your emotions uncontrollably needs comfort, assurance, happiness, acceptance and most of all an absurd halitosis from the bottom of a bottle(or two,or three) of J.D.

Whatever the reason ladies and gentlemen, please IF you can, clean up before you go to bed. Or if you prefer the pavement of a street, the bathroom floor, a friends lap, a strangers’ lap or simply passing out in your car.

So that’s how lager tastes like. And somehow after a few more glasses another question popped in my head or to be more accurate, ‘forcefully’ popped ‘itself’ into my head ‘Ooh, that’s what an ‘intentional’ head ache feels like..’ Yes, I CAN’T drink. If I had asked for 2 or more ‘sets’ last night a certain popular if not too ‘deep-voiced’, non-oriental ninja would have to drag me to the front door of my house cause my feet would fail’ me.

That would be an unsightly picture indeed. Not to mention the unwanted attention it would garner from the place I went to drown out my brain cells at the bottom of a glass. Dammit the back of my head is still trying to create a whole new ‘ear lobe’ for me, digging deeper into my medulla oblangata.

Its’ funny how sexual drive and drinking limits are somewhat lower for men who are hitting 30. Actually its kinda funny and probably pretty freakin’ weird why I’m putting ‘sexual drive’ into this blog, its just that it was one of the many topics we had last night while drinking. And the drinking, well, it had purpose. Well I’m not saying people NEVER had a purpose to drink in the first place, I’m just saying last night it was; at least to me and a few friends of mine, a momentous occasion. A beginning of a New Era perhaps? Can’t say for sure, too many ‘this stays at this table‘ kinda stuff going on. So me, following the laws of the ‘unsaid, unwritten rule of men around the world’- I can’t really say.

The Sicilians for centuries have a word for it, but not in that ‘strict’ kind of manner, and the word is Omerta. There is an apostrophe somewhere there i can’t really remember. Ask an Italian where it should be then I’ll try to fix the spelling, unless I wasn’t clear on the first paragraph my head still hurts right now.

But please gentlemen(especially those hitting 30 and keep on going), all this is coming from a guy who can’t drink for ****. I KNOW for a fact that many a men of 30-45 that could consume more alcohol in less than 3 hours than they could actually drink water in one day(Not saying 46+ year old men can’t, I just don’t know any of them personally). I’m just that bad in when it comes to drinking. Never could quite get the hang of it actually. Not in my genes probably. And yes, that pounding head aches are still with me right now as I type this.

Somehow the cigarettes are helping, or maybe the fact that I know I don’t have to drink for another week or so is also helping. Even playing classical guitar music right now on my player to somewhat ‘ease’ the pain that I’m going through. Why might you ask this sad pathetic life form is still blogging with his head of his that could cave-in in a few seconds? Well,…because…I…CAN. And also because I’m not drunk or having a pre hang-over thingy right now, its just all the ‘bubbly’ trying to register into my body right now or my brain or wherever it should go. Like I care to even think or know right now. My head hurts okay!?

Nope, and nope; thats the answer. To what questions? To the question of ‘Can’t be that much of a headache now can it, did ya drink a lot?’. Well, if you were, nay, if you’re ME right now…you’d be feeling this. This BrainReeper unrelenting in ‘its’ pursuit of fresh braincells to mutilate and render useless for all eternity.(Or at least just for my lifetime) Can’t drink for ****. Maybe next time I should stick to sodas and ‘lolly-waters’ instead. Actually scrap that, gimme mineral water. Even tap water will do.

Oh yeah, if there are typo errors. Disregard them for this post please, read the title and I’m sure you’d probably sympathize with me. Thank you……