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Cobwebs…thats what I see in my blog..:)..its been ten days since the last post..way longer than ‘normal’ for even me. Not blogging from home either right now…even in my room there has cobwebs everywhere…so to make sure I don’t blog about Spiders just like the title I am bloggin’ this from my friends’ place. She is nice enough to let me use her PC..among… other…’stuff’..koff koff.

“So whatcha’ been up to?”..or “WTF have you been?”…or more of a ‘normality’ in my everyday life now…”You’re doing ‘what’ now?!”…so like yeah…what am I up to?..hmm..there are always two or three sides of a story…so I’ll tell ya ‘my’ side of the story which is more not like this blog revolves around someones’ life or even someones’ life revolves around this blog..hmm..’kinda’ makes some sense there..not sure.

Been to new places and been seeing new places…damn I love KORN!!…sorry…I’m listening to em’ while typing this. So like..hmm..let me see…yeah, new places. And new faces. But more importantly, why I haven’t been posting up anything is due to the fact that I have lit up my pain with fire, and danced over the ashes. Feels sooo damn gooood.

You get my meaning. Among other things also..I am tired…simply sick and tired…actually sickand tired OF being sick and tired. Day by day I am feeling ‘colder’ inside but it feels so damn good. Yeah, sounds weird and not really a positive kinda feeling there either. But I don’t give a ShiT cause I feel free. No, No. Not in denial here. No, no…not in ignorance either…quite the contrary actually; I take everything in. Weighed them down. And know full well that I don’t need much of the BS I’m used to.

We don’t ‘grow-up’ just to give-up now do we? An evolution if you will. Maybe, when my friend wakes up, I could go and get something to eat cause with her cause she can’t cook for shit(not that I eat shit, mind you) but I’m just feeling hungry. Maybe grab a Nasi-Lemak(Awesomely delicious breakfast for Malaysians) later I don’t know. Its almost breakfast time anyway(around 6 a.m. now). Hmm…a closure for this blog will be up-and-running hopefully by Wednesday next week if I have time.

So why am I sick and tired of being sick and tired? Why is it that everyday I feel darker inside but I feel much better each day? Maybe I had an epiphany?…Hmm…I guess…all I can leave you with right now is…a glimpse…of a place full of wonder and excitement…of a place deep in heart(or close to it, my geography sucks!) of Borneo…on the foothills of a mountain (NO, you’re NOT getting a picture of MY Friend’s-‘Heavenly-Valleys’, so scram!)..tee hee hee.

Stay tuned…more to come of this…closure to an Acrimonious Journey. . .