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Posted: April 10, 2008 in life
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My mind rests for the night, and my Soul takes over, for now…

The most painful or exultant sentences that consists of Four words, there are so many isn’t it? And yet they have different levels of bitterness or jubilance for each sentence, when heard or even read might be the most agonizing point in your life or the most blissful moment for you.

Everyone has been through them all, well technically not everyone.

Let’s start with ‘Can we be friends?’.

Yeah I know, men and women alike have heard these words and strangely it is actually a very friendly sentence when read. And when you hear someone that you have no interest to get romantically involved with say it, it’s cool ain’t it? I mean there is a saying..’Having a 100 friends are too little, but One enemy is one too Many..’ so why not?!! ‘Yeah sure I’d like to be friends’ you might reply.

But this planet does not spin the way we want it to, and sadly Life’s ain’t always Fair. So usually when you hear someone you really,really have the hots for say something like ‘Can we be friends?’, YOU better dig deeper into those ear-lobes and clean it up good cause he/she just said ‘Can‘T we be friends?’. And technically that’s not even four words, it’s just that most people confuse it being 4 words. I mean wouldn’t YOU be when you hear that?

Humans are typical creatures, we usually see or hear only what we want to see and hear. Distressingly as it is we seldom hear those 4-words-sentences that doesn’t make us feel like a melting toxic dump. You know, something that feels you feel all good inside or even give you goose-bumps all over. Something along the line of ‘Come to bed honey..’ would be awesome once and awhile especially after a hot shower [or cool shower, would it matter!?] . Or coming home feeling really hungry and those sweet words of ‘I cooked your favorite…’ could even be more satisfying then the food itself . Or even hearing a sexy voice accompanying the words of ‘Look what I bought..’. ,there won’t any be food but..ahem,ahem!

But somehow why more often you hear 4-words-sentences like ‘It was only once…’and your tiny little spec of world starts crumbling down. Is it really hard to go through a whole month without even hearing words like ‘Your bills are overdue..’, or even ‘We are currently upgrading..’ [I usually cut short this conversation with ‘Upgrading?!!..again!!. Downgrade adalah!!] And yes the occasional violent ones that people would get them all psyched-up for example: ‘That is ****ed up!’ and the more frequently heard ‘That all you got!?’ [Yeah I used it, both in a real fight and while watching wrestling]

Here’s a funny thing about 4-words-sentences, we usually end up saying something that’s also in 4 words in response to what you’ve heard, for instance: ‘I feel like dying..’. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? I even heard a friend of mine a long time ago mope about [half drunk,I think..] saying ‘If I only knew..’ or ‘I never thought he/she…’[this is what I call the Hanging-4-words-sentence’] Feel free to match up which painful or exultant 4-words-sentences with any other you find in this blog. Or better yet match them up with what You yourself have heard or said before.

So what is YOUR most favorite 4-Word-Sentence that you’ve heard or read before? Mine would be : You are my first..😉 Go figure it out.. I’ve heard them all and this is definitely My Favorite!!

So, whats’ the worst that you’ve ever heard then? The one and only Four-Word-Sentence that you wish you never hear someone say to you in this lifetime? Wished and hoped against the very Laws and Physics of the Universe that it never, ever existed. The only Four-Word-Sentence that you despise so much, and believe deep in your mind and soul that insanity, lunacy, suffering, regret, anguish, grief, contempt and sorrow are all born from that very sentence it self?

It echoes in my sleep,

It burns through to my fragile soul,

It never leaves my mind as I weep,

It drives my sanity out of control,

And as I walk in after I knock,

And as my heart and soul ceased to exist,when she said ‘We need to talk…”