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A friend once said to me “You think too much..” What I would like to know is; is there such a thing as thinking too much? I mean aren’t men are hard-coded in their DNA to think in a logical and reasonable way in almost all situations that we go through in life? So, is there such a thing as thinking too much, I mean for men generally. I’m not saying women don’t think at all, but women tend to make decisions based on emotions more than they use logic or reason.

I’m not saying women are dumb, please do not jump to conclusions. Assumption is the mother of all..well you know the rest. What I’m saying is most of a womans’ decision(s) is based on how she ‘feels’ at the moment. Say for instance, buying a shoe. Yes, I’ve been with women that goes from store to store, from the basement floor to the top floor of the mall just to find the shoe that is not only fits right but it must also ‘feels right’ to them.

Men on the other hand might not go through all the stores, actually most guys might even buy the first shoe that they see and if it fits;we buy it then and there. Now thats’ not too much thinking is it? But the thinking process is involved on the sole of the shoe, the size and the look of it. Some men might even take texture and durability into account. A lot of criteria are taken into consideration for men. But it doesn’t mean men have to go through all the floors of a shopping mall to do so. Some men would though…

Now thats’ shopping; regardless for what item you’re looking for. Just because men and women make decisions differently when shopping doesn’t necessarily mean men think too much or women think much lesser than men. From the example of shopping, it’s obvious that women takes much more time when deciding what shoe to buy and where. BUT I don’t think honestly that women thinks too much about getting the right shoe; since that most women I went shopping with tends to go for almost anything that feels right.

Now, when we take into consideration of book-keeping or monthly bills that needs paying. Things are somewhat almost completely takes a 360 degree turn. Men tends to go through the bills tirelessly, sorting out which one is of higher priority then the others. Obviously, electricity, water and rent is definitely on top of the list. Internet bills, car payments and those with cable TV would probably put them around top 5 on the list.

Women however, might want to take care the electricity and the car payments first[shopping and lightings? Perhaps, I might be wrong..]. But the list wouldn’t stop there, there are the monthly vacuum cleaner instalments, or some other funky electrical appliance that serves little purpose in the kitchen other than to make the whole cooking area more ‘pimped-out?’ or more ‘pink’ than usual. I only know these from female friends of mine who are not married. Your average independent working women of today. Partly the media should be blamed for the advertisements of products ranging from ‘ThighMaster-800’ or ‘Night and Day Skin-Shine 365’ beauty products that they probably already have at home. The essential bills like water and rent can be postponed at their leisure.

Maybe these friends of mine are still living in the 80’s because not ALL women think and spend their money like this. Or maybe these are just the type of female friends that I am associated with and therefore you can rule-out whatever you’ve read so far. But I know deep down I’m right about the shopping part, wasn’t I?

I’m not stereotyping all women as a ‘dumb-blond’. And I do have blond female friends before and actually they are quite smart and one of them, she’s an M.D; plus she is gorgeous too. So to me, its’ not whether a man thinks too much about making a decision or whether a woman base their decisions solely on intuition alone. Its due to the fact that thinking too much causes inaction and procrastination and thats not good.

So yeah, maybe we guys do tend to think too much and maybe women were always on the right track in their life about their intuitions and emotions when making decisions. Or maybe I just felt like saying that or maybe I couldn’t find a logical explanation to all this.