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The title, in no particular order..or simply I just screwed up the order if there is one. One of the few things in life that happens to be constant...Change. A transformation, modification, alteration, permutation, variation. All the same. Just with more syllables no matter the name. Just like the winds of the four seasons. Just like your hairstyle from January to May. Just like your attire and your favorite jewelery/’Blings’. Or even your tastes in club, either its music or its newfound atmosphere.

Some changes are welcomed by most people. Some are…well..some people are not ready for changes. Sometimes we aren’t aware of changes that is happening around us too. Simply because we were too busy with life or simply because we were blissful in our ignorance about life. In other words yeah,…we were too busy with handling our day to day bullshit.

For me, change is very, very important. No matter what type of change comes along. Just gotta take it. Especially change that comes out of nowhere. Like one of my buddies that went to join the army. Yeah that was a surprise, back then. He played the game Counter-Strike almost everyday and night. I guess he just got fed up with using a gun in the computer screen he decided to hold a real rifle instead. Cool dude…somewhat ‘loco’ at times but cool. And he got darker too…the jungle..duuh.

To some of us, we need something or someone to ‘trigger’ that change within. Maybe an inspiration..maybe a tragedy…maybe due to the stagnant way we live in our respective countries…maybe you know its about time and procrastinating it any longer would only cause you to change in a somewhat different manner that causes more predicament for you in the future. And changing yourself is the only answer. Or even changing those around you, but good luck in doing that.

I’m not saying one should change for another person though sometimes its good to do so. I am saying change…no matter why you do it…or for whom…or for whatever reason(s) you might have; change goes hand-in-hand with Time. Since time has yet to stop, change would never stop either. Just like a human being which is biologically would not stop growing till you hit 25. Or maybe that statistics have changed somewhat now. You know, new drugs; new diseases, new government policy in stem-cell research.

New ideas, new visions and dreams. New ambitions and passions in life. These all can be the gleam that one needs to change. For the betterment of ones’ self. Sometimes seeing new changes around us, either our friends or family or the society we live in could also encourage us to change. Envy and jealousy is also a ‘trigger’ for someone to change actually; and its a powerful emotion indeed. Though it can be destructive in the future. Same goes for greed and vanity.

History also have taught us that change is important within any society. To go with the flow. So as part of that society we need to..from time to time. But not completely. Who we truly are and how we carry ourselves in life; that somehow we need to retain. Changing is a process best done carefully, better yet systematically; evolve step-by-step if you can. Most importantly do it while observing the things happening around you.

Always be true to yourself no matter what the condition(s) and/or people expect or want from you. Yes we all have bad habits or certain perks that needs changing. Smoking is bad. Drinking too much also. Not sleeping more than 5-6 hours everyday is also bad. So evolve…but slowly do so. Because if we change too much and too fast…especially for someone else, we lose ourselves in the process. And that,…is more detrimental for your psyche’ than anything else. Its like having multiple-personality. Its like being a puppet for another human being, lest you enjoy that I don’t know.

By the end of the week or few months from now. If there are certain aspects in your life, or the lives that revolves around that you know should change or at least worth taking time considering to change. Maybe it is time. Maybe it is overdue even. And maybe…it is even worth it in the end. All you have to do…is try. You’ll never know unless you do right?

With times we change. As do civilizations. As do the technology and the web. Even governments change eventually. Since we’re in it, might as well go with the flow. BUT change is only good if you do it for the better and not to make things worst for you in the future. Some changes does have a way of screwing other things or people in your life, but such are the price you must pay.

Thats why I said be careful when you do. Some price you pay are worth it, and some just simply going to screw you up eventually. Change..does not come without a price. There always is, always were and always will be a price. Its up to you to consider the price you must pay. And pay them you will if you want change to happen. Some price paid would eventually have change come to you faster than others. While some changes would take sometime to come to fruition. Depends on the price you’re willing to pay of course.

Change will take time. Even ‘fast’ change takes some time. As things changes around or within us so does everything else in this world. And as changing is a process, it will take some effort from you or with the people around you. Once you have changed; hopefully you will see a brighter future before you. Or one you’ve created for the people around you or your society even. Or your nation if you’re that patriotic.

Why is it though, that some people,society or even nations that have changed…somehow changing drastically…again. Its like they are making more changes than needed. Its’ like going back to square one. I know some people like this. I know one particular country that is like this. I guess thats why its best to take it one step at a time when it comes to change.

Take a break..have a Kit Kat..take a ‘chill-pill’…have a ‘quickee’ while you’re at it…just take sometime to evaluate whats happening….and when you get to where you wanted; take a loooonger break…have two servings of Mega-Mac…try the ‘reverse-cowgirl’…drop your PC from the top floor of Twin-Towers…. Don’t over-evolve into something that belongs in a mental hospital or the ‘jungle’.

Significant and consequential changes in life. Thats’ a goal better achieved than others. Whatever you do,…don’t lose yourselves in this ever-changing world. Cause the world is going through enough bullshit as it is.