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I was about to leave somethin’ on FB’s status update,  not sure why but… feels like, somehow …redundant? Maybe, not sure why…what I am sure of is Massy being the first to leave a comment on this post.~kan Mas? 😛

What happened lately? Well recently, actually a few hours ago, just went to the Sabah Stompin’ 2010… you have to go life in borneo for that though; No I ain’t bloggin’ about it here. Met Chegu carol and a charming young lady called Ennie(hope I got your name right las’)…I say charming cause I still had Jim Beam circulating within my blood vessel when I met you and chegu’.

Lemme see, twas’ fun I have to admit…The crew from Singapore and Borneo Mc was awesome(if typo, I apologize) and brought the multifarious congregation of people into a convivial frenzy and effervescence.~Don’t get me started, it’s Daniels’ turn to write this one.

Man Kidal was of course ‘Godly’ with the axe, as well as Joe Wings. I would sell my soul to the devil to have whatever blessing they got; problem is my soul ain’t worth a dollar at the moment hahah!!! Because it costs RM4500 give or take a few bux! Any Buyers?~ heheh; thought so.

Ella was…well…Ella. Don’t crucify me on that, I’m more of a Ramli Sarip, Amy Search, kinda guy aight’.Now that I’m done ‘talkin’/mini-bloggin’ about the stompin’; I’m gonna end this ‘update’ with this…

I love playin’ the game, its’ my favorite game of all. What game you might ask? This game is paid not using arcade tokens or swipin’ your credit card(okay, unless you’re a cheapskate then it won’t cost you anythinglah); Its’ the game that all humans play with their opposite sex,yes… that game.

And very recently I learned that we can NEVER stop learning that game, nor are we too OLD to learn new stuff as well. And as of two incidents that transpired last night; I also learned that, sometimes~

DIFFICULTY of the Chase does NOT necessarily reflect the ACTUAL  QUALITY of ‘target’.

Xander. ~Were I to have wings, I’d fly straight down to hell just to find my place up in heaven.

Everyone…ok..almost everyone is talkin’ bout’ this and there ain’t much difference here. I find it,..well…very amusing and also awkward just a bit. Don’t get me wrong though…it was a blast!

Xander’z World would like to show you something a little different than what is seen or heard, ok …maybe not. So enjoy the rest.

I was ‘paralyzed’ for a long, long time. It was a ‘release’ for me to have been going through my transition. A transition that I’ve waited for so long but never did expect to actually be the ‘kicker’ for this change. And now…especially having just been through an awesome and memorable (and an embarrassing moment)night, its’ so obvious what and where the path I took in life will take me to.

Sadly some ‘stuff’ has the tendency to ‘root’ and paralyze me in place is still haunting me. Luckily for me though, I have people in my life that I can depend on so that this journey is a lot easier than it seems.

I know you’re not even reading right? You’re just waiting for the pictures from the Sabah Bloggers’ Gathering aren’t you…you bugger…LAWLZ!! Enough blabber from me of course….have fun!

Okay something is missing….nobody is ‘talking’…hmm.. maybe it lacks…style? Not sure…Lets’ try this again shall we? Trust me…it will crack you up…I know some already did, LOL!

All pics courtesy of After 6 Network…

[ I know this is a very outdated (so to speak) post; my PC rusak bah. Yeah, mau satu minggu jugak ‘bertekak’ dgn orang baru dapat siap, if not tahun depan baru siap.] Better late than never right? 😛 ]

So like if ya’ll find it fun head straight to the ‘clicky’.