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Sometimes we don’t usually say what we have already thought out carefully in our minds. Most of the time we just let the words ‘flow-out’ of us. Some people don’t even think before talking, and some even would simply start a conversation by gaping their mouth so wide that you could stick hair-dryer into.

I’m not talking about stuff that you wished you could say to your boss to vent your frustrations, or things that you hoped you have the balls to say to your wife when she is nagging about your mother; or even the sentence you hoped to say to the cop who is giving you the ticket for side-parking in front of the fire hydrant.

Of all the times that you hear people say stuff that you know they shouldn’t, or even the countless times that you open your trap to sound smart to people but ended up being the ‘clown-of-the-day’; nothing beats the moments of embarrassment and/or humiliation that men get when things didn’t go as they had planned in their heads when they decided to ‘pick-up’ a woman in a bar, cafe’ or wherever. I mean wherever because women get picked up a LOT more than men do and almost anywhere these days.

You guys know what I’m talking about. You form the words in your head, you take a deep breath and start walking towards the attractive lady sitting alone in a cafe’. And when you stand there in front of her, the words shines brightly in your head , ‘I didn’t know Angels could fly so low…’…and a few minutes later , you’re back at your table facing the other direction and find your hand slapping yourself on the forehead. Cause you just said ‘ Angels are so low, I didn’t’.

Well, a lot of us went through this. Maybe not exactly in the example given, but quite familiar circumstances to what have been described I’m sure. Sometimes words aren’t the only tool for a man to use to get close to a woman. Funny thing is, I don’t think the words that you say would make much difference, not as much as most guys tend to think at least. But do not misunderstand me, saying something like “I have a hard-drive in my pants that needs some serious clean-up, you look like someone that can help me with this problem” would lower your probability of success even if you look like Collin Farrel. But its’ Collin, so okay, he can say anything and still score…but you get my point.

Since women are getting picked up a lot, they have devised a set of ‘quick-evaluation’ or standards programmed in their mysterious minds whenever they are being approached by the opposite sex.Think about it. If you get people coming up to you and wanted to talk to you just to get to ‘know you better’ on a weekly basis; wouldn’t you be setting certain standards every time it happens.

Wouldn’t you be more prepared for said situations if it comes up again? It’s like playing a video game, you know when and where the bug-eyed aliens will pop-up and you’ll be ready again this time cause you already saved and re-load your game a dozen times so you programmed yourself in the head to be more prepared.

BUT, this ain’t no video game. Once you’re standing in front of a woman and screw things up there are no re-load buttons you could push and save your over-inflated ego. Why did I say words aren’t that important? Because from the moment you walked towards that chick leaning on the bar sipping her brandy-coke, and she notices you coming over; she is already starting her little analysis of you in her head. Sizing you up, expecting the obvious or the most bizarre that could happen next because she’s been through this a dozen or more times than you have. When all this is going through her mind, why would anything that comes out of your mouth would actually matter?

The other reason why I say words don’t matter much at these moments is, well, words mean zilch, if not without the proper Body-Language. Yes, body-language. Same goes for body-language without the proper words coming out of your mouth, that’s why I said ‘words don’t matter much’ ;instead of saying ‘words completely means nothing.

Sometimes though on these occasions, a savoir-faire moment comes to you. And unexpectedly you find yourself ‘renewed’ and a rush flows through your deep consciousness telling you it’s not over. You find yourself reforming your posture, facial expression and tone of voice and suddenly you hear yourself saying, ‘Why are angels so low?,..well. . .they left for heaven without you because you definitely belong up there. In the high heavens, I mean.”

So maybe you’ll get lucky and get a break from the normality and the bizarre things that men are capable of saying which can ruin an awesome opportunity by turning it into an apocalyptic disaster; and change things around at the last minute. So as far as jumbling up the words as we try to form a sentence, the inconsistencies of what to say or must not be said; maybe mixing the two could be. . . rewarding.

And maybe slapping yourself on the forehead isn’t so bad after all since you did get her number, she didn’t blow you off and she actually laughed at your jokes and also believes Barney looks more like a ‘purple pedophiliac-devil’ than a dinosaur.

And maybe, just maybe if you weren’t too over excited with your short-lived ‘victory’ ; you could probably remember to at least ask the the attractive young Eurasian lady for her name. . .