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Bad habits die hard don’t they. They just won’t go away even when you know its good for you if they did. Take me for instance, been smoking since I was 17. That’s 13 years of lung rotted away, decayed and gone never to be used (or whatever left of it anyway). Drinking. Now that’s one bad habit that most people have these days. I mean hey, you need to kill off a few ‘unwanted’ brain-cells once and awhile right?

Maybe its just how we have been ‘programmed’ by the media? I mean just look at the ads that we see today, everyday. From the cigarettes posters to the booze ads, no matter where we go we see them. And they’re pretty ‘convincing’ regardless of your background, race, culture or religion. I mean drinking nowadays is like a necessity for men and women. Why is that? Can’t be hip enough if you don’t I guess.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink or should only drink when you must, I just blogged about it a few posts back. I’m not a hypocrite either, and you will NOT hear me lecture about Heaven or Hell or how you put shame to your family’s honor if you drink, or smoke, pop E’s,’chasing-the-dragon’ or whatever. I’m not your dad and I’m sure as hell not a cop [or a Saint for that matter, but who is,eh?]. So its all good with me. Cause one bad habit I will NOT take from people would be bad manners.

You might think it is NOT a bad habit, but trust me; it actually is. Bad manners and drinking makes things even worse. Funny thing is, bad manners are easier to curb and control(and I love the cure for it, especially if I am giving it to people) but when it comes to drinking, smoking or the more illegal and somewhat detrimental-to-your-health kind of bad habits; it is VERY hard to quit. And I respect those that did quit!

Usually when we drink, its for an occasion that we would like to be a part of or celebrate. New years eve, birthdays, going-away parties, welcome-back parties, a new job/post, a new boss, bachelor parties, to the beginning of a ‘World-Domination’. For me, its either to entertain clients, New years eve, birthdays and hmmm, that’s it I guess.The list goes on as you can tell. But these days, I hear you don’t need any of those reasons to drink. You just go out, and you just..drink!

Humans are very fickle, its in our nature. Its in every man or woman. Just last night I found out that some people drink simply because whenever the feel like it. I happen to know some of the dumbest reasons I know people would use just to go out drinking, “I just got laid last night, Let’s Party!” [Okay, I’m guilty for this one, I was 17 okay!], or something like, “Just got into an argument with my girl, I need some liquor in my system!”. The worst I EVER heard was something more bizarre (and I actually talked to the sad-wuss-of-a-man) : “Stupid slut! She still keeps kinky pictures of her Ex in her cellphone, fuck this! Let’s drink!.”

Life is so full of SHIT. Doesn’t mean adding more shit into your body would make it any less Shitty!

As if I could care less about what that guy was talking about. It’s pretty hard to compete or replace someone in a womans’ life especially if she was with a guy who happened to be hung like a horse!! At least that’s what my girlfriends told me. Friends, okay, not as in girlfriend(s). So back to my point, people do and will come up with just about any incongruous reason(s) just to drink.

So why do YOU go out drinking? Would you need a reason or you must find a concrete occasion to go out drinking? Or are you one of the eccentric ones’ that find your emotions uncontrollably needs comfort, assurance, happiness, acceptance and most of all an absurd halitosis from the bottom of a bottle(or two,or three) of J.D.

Whatever the reason ladies and gentlemen, please IF you can, clean up before you go to bed. Or if you prefer the pavement of a street, the bathroom floor, a friends lap, a strangers’ lap or simply passing out in your car.