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What I’ve written…about “Thee”..and know that its pretty ‘Rare’ I do this, because I’m not ‘healed’ completely,and know that…hmmm…’some’ things can’t be shared with ‘Everyone’ actually….

In the darkest corners of the chrysalis of my soul,
I could only hope for a faint light to shine,
A decibel of amusement in this gloom where its cold,
Maybe I did see dim lights through the cracks of this heart of mine.

Not only was the glimmer of hope within my vicinity,
A jovial voice accompanied its beautiful ray,
Maybe if I could reach to that speck of light within this corridor of misery,
I could feel again the warmth that I’ve longed for everyday.

So I dared myself to reach it with every ounce of patience,
Footstep by footstep did I take to get closer,
As I made contact with the small fleck of radiance,
I was a bit taken aback by its laughter.

And how I longed for this kind of feeling,
In this self made tomb of apprehension and madness,
For I never knew within millions of chattering,
A ‘blessing’ came to me and brought me solace.

As I break free from my own chains and of my own cage,
I kept the light close to me without having any fear at all,
No despair, distress, depression nor rage,
I felt happiness and enlightenment as time halts to a stall.

Of this cage I built around me,
Fashioned from my own folly and insanity,
Its slowly falling apart into tiny little pieces and bits,
And before I was even aware; it slowly deteriorates,

I don’t know how you could put my heart at ease so easily,
As you are an enigmatic and mystifying person I’ve ever known,
It’s a gift within you that God has granted unto thee,
For you have done more that what others have shown,

For you are more than just a complete mystery,
And I wish you’d accompany me a little bit longer in my dark-city,
Where neither light nor color exists and no sun shines daily,
Maybe one day my Lady; I’d be free from my anguish and misery.
For I have a special friend now to guide me.

BOOYAH!!.…If you’re at least smiling or [in case of the ‘Panja’-throwing up]…then I know I ‘got’ you…HaaaaHaa!!