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Everyone has ’emotional-baggage’. Everyone has secrets or a dark past in their lives. Everyone have had one of the most incomprehensibly bizarre or painful moments that one can’t help but think ,”Why is this happening to me?”. And as much as we try to forget these moments in our lives, sometimes. . history repeats itself. You find yourself in a similar predicament and can’t help but feel a little bit of deja vu’ moment happening.

Why then, do we carry the ’emotional-baggage’ all around with us? I say we are carrying them with us because no matter what one might do to forget the past, the memories that we wished we never had; we simply could not. Buried deep in our subconsciousness,ready at any moment when we might need them again. Even when you hear people say that they have completely forgotten the past that which them, its simply a ‘positive-thinking’ mechanism kicking in. Which I respect in people that could do that.

You fall from riding a bicycle probably less than 10 times in your whole life because you learn to ride more efficiently after the first fall. You feel less of a pain in your heart everytime you go through break-ups because you know how to size things up in a relationship and differentiate partners that you could spend the rest of your life with or if he/she was a simple fling or phase in your life. You know how to separate people that you can call friends, close friends or if they are simply acquaintances or worse if they are enemies within your circle of family and friends.

To learn from past mistakes , this of course is obvious. To be more able to handle similar situations in the coming future. Panicking definitely won’t help, and most of the time the hardest of challenges are thrown at us when we are most vulnerable and mostly alone. And when you are alone and in arduous circumstances the only thing you can count on is your WISDOM. The accumulated knowledge and experiences of your life from the moment you left your mothers’ womb up till the moment you are in front of your computer reading some gibberish-blog on the internet…So keep your baggage no matter where you go. Or no matter how positive you are about life or its challenges.

But no matter what you do, no matter who you are and how hard you think your life is or how hard it has been for you. There is always, always someone, somewhere out there on this God forsaken planet; an infant child needing food and shelter in a third-world country, a boy running for the closest bomb shelter after hearing the sirens ringing loud signaling a missile is about to hit the village where he lives; or to lose a daughter so early in her life in an accident while on a trip with friends far on another continent.

Somehow, somewhere , someone is having it worst than we are. And remember that what have happened, what you have kept in your thick skull; Use what you can and keep learning what you thought you couldn’t. Cause life’s too short , so live it and try as I may;

“Try not to mourn the past, and please do not dwell on the future.”

My deepest sympathies to the families of the Ecuador crash victims.