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I do not want to but I have to… I simply do,

Not caring for what has or have or had been, neither of what people thinks too;

Should I wait a little longer for it to pass?

But that would be much of the opposite wouldn’t it lass?

To come and go when people aren’t looking,

To listen to peoples chatter and see if anyones’ peeking,

to this hearts content it’ll soon come for sure,

for this souls’ burdens are lifted for thy hath found thine own closure.

Halloween is here for those that likes it,

Another night for frights and parties and maybe a midget,

So maybe you fancy a Ju-On or a ‘Jason’,

Just remember the Joker is too common or even taken.

But I am not here to tell you what to wear,

Heck you can go wearing a ‘birthday-suit’ for all I care,

So many things I wish to share,

Alas I can’t, I shan’t and maybe I do not dare.

So I leave you with this riddle,

Just something for your mind to ‘fiddle’,

When XQ empties 6-shots of the 16th century,

You’ll find out that he’s bit’ different than what you’d normally see.

Hint: Likeness to two actors which were voted TWICE by FHM as . . . . . .

ok thats’ a crappy hint, but even the hint is a give-away so I know you’ll understand…ngee hee hee tee hee hee

Errr… feel a bit tired ah to write about it.. let the pics ‘speak’ for me about what transpired last night… ngee hee hee.. man I missed so much of the lambs owh, so cepat abis leeeh… u guys memang kuat makan… LAWLZ!!

And so ends the night… errr.. morning.. arrived at home around 5-ish? not sure…Thanks Dino for the BBQ, awesome host,  Jacq & WC for your errr..awesome cocktail. And all that I can remember list here lah(sorry if got typo ah…. I was on ‘Mars’ than to Venus than back to Earth all at once that night :P)

Those that attended, Maddok Rainer, Daniel, Beverly, Ling, Ki-Chan, Rosalyn(this might be typo,dunno, 540 izzit?), Chucky, Diasranford, Bernard, Bakaneko, Nick(falle-none, hehe), Julian, Fara, Raz, errr.. ok I’m not that good with names ah.. and my brain bit’ fuzzy…

And that wraps it up… so buh byez..till next time….

P.S: Stay tuned.. cos’.. its like.. 4 Days to Go.. and rileks ah Rainer… I just love ‘bubblin’ them dialogues on people… ngee hee hee.. memang doktor hebat ko malam tuh!

It all started here. Its’ not so long ago I know but to me… its’ not about the seconds, minutes or hours that have passed; not about the days, weeks or months that has gone by. Its’ about what I have been through, with whom I been through it all and most of all, who I kept close around me all these times.

As time goes by, sometimes complacency ‘sits’ in with you, and sometimes it evolves which is a good sign no matter how I look at it. And at times I wished I could turn back time, maybe for a second chance? or for redemption… shit if I know heheh. But I learned it all too well for the past several months… especially when there is nothing left to ‘shed’ anymore because there were no reason for it to begin with.

Or maybe I’ve lost the reason to do so… or perhaps being back in the game was fun again after so fucking long, though mostly only guys would agree with me on this one. Nothing beats the new sights, sounds and smell of a new ‘game’. And yes… the feeling when you’ve  ‘scored’ is also unexplainable.

Karma, I believe in it still; I wish I could say I believe it as much as I used to last year but no… know why? Cause ‘ShiT’ happens to anyone, anywhere, anyhow and anytime to every living thing on this planet. It DOES NOT matter whether you’ve committed an unforgivable sin towards a person or not. It does not matter whether you’ve only kept to yourself all this time and or if you ever had a ‘beef’ with anyone.

SHIT… happens… to everyone. You could build a mosque using both your bare hands and chip in the funds for it or umrah, it really don’t matter. BUT I still have faith, no matter what BS comes. Cause lifes’ about making your choices when you are presented with a predicament and once you make them… should never look back… but I’m one to talk aren’t I? pffftt.. and THAT my friends is the main reason why… there’s 7 days left…

‘How could he know this new dawn light would change his life?’ – Ulrich is right to ask this, and as much is it concerns me I too ask this myself now… now more than ever… aahh.. bittersweet are the memories and the pains, the sorrows and the gains…

Till next time.. and I promise you there will be.. a next time..

Peace be upon thee… buhbye…